Having travelled all over the world teaching dating science, Keychain shows up with a passion for elite social skills and a wealth of teaching experience to get you on the fast track to success.

He first encountered Love Systems as one of the original members of Project Rockstar, an "8-week, full time, 'Game 2.0' program designed to transform participants not simply into traditional pick up artists, but the next level of seduction masters and masters in social dynamics." After hours and countless hours spent in-field day after day, grueling theory sessions and a complete lifestyle overhaul, Keychain was transformed. This man knows what it takes to get good fast.

The best seducers know that the most potent game is specifically tailored to personal identity. On the streets and in the club, Keys specializes in working closely with you to build your own unique style of game that gets real results for you – game with an edge. The reviews speak for themselves.

He believes that with a centered mindset, a positive lifestyle and a personalized skill set (all achievable), any man can enjoy overwhelming success with women.

Keychain is currently based in London, U.K.