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Has worked as a Professional Firefighter and Military Officer for over a decade, his style was, and still is a very direct style of natural game.

After small periods of extreme frustration with certain girls Jay C travelled to various locations throughout the world looking for a better understanding of why these interactions and relationships had failed. He never struggled to meet women but always felt something wasn't right, something was missing.

In 2010 Jay C attended his first boot camp with Love Systems and on completion of the Bootcamp began a journey of self-development towards becoming good with women.

After years of training and time spent in the field, Jay C refined the synthetic skill sets he had discovered merging them into his natural style. This immediately changed the quality of women he was interacting with and dating. Jay C began to understand the importance of relationship dynamics and choosing from abundance instead of settling for whatever he could get at the time. This ended his frustration of not being able to attract quality women of his choosing into his life and social circle he could potentially date.

Jay C's passion is getting results and will achieve success no matter who or what the challenge is.