Jasper - Love Systems Instructor

Jasper grew up in a small town in The Netherlands in a very safe and protected environment. He was taught to always be polite, modest and respectful to others, specifically to girls. This resulted in Jasper becoming the typical Mr. Nice Guy.

His success in other areas of life brought him attention from woman through his social circles, but Jasper was never able to portray his real self in cold-approach situations, in which he never felt confident. This disconnect became a real frustration and led him to do a bootcamp with Keychain in the spring of 2012.

After this Bootcamp, Jasper continued his transformation and participated in Project Rockstar 2012 as a mentor. During this 9 week program, under the close watch of Venture, Sterling and Vici, he went from hiding in the toilets out of fear to having multiple same night lays, sometimes two on the same night.

After the program Jasper felt like a different person, but it still took a lot of work to clean up all the inner game issues and self limiting beliefs that had held him back throughout his life. Jasper has always been passionate about teaching and he has now reached a point where he wants to give back and help others improve their dating lives.