After reading a review of "The Game" in a National magazine, his interest was instantly piqued and James immediately began to try out many of the techniques that he had read about. Some beginner's luck had him sold and he began to go out with friends regularly and even alone if that's what it took. Although James had some success earlier on, within his own social circle, it wasn't until he kept at it, that he realized it was possible to improve on this area of his life beyond the techniques that he read about.

James then became completely consumed with improving his new "self" yet with all the trial and error that he had been encountering, James soon realized that if he wanted to improve, he knew a bootcamp was the next step. James impulsively signed up with another company, and although he enjoyed the experience, but James left dissatisfied. Therefore he began to research which company he should invest in and all reviews pointed to Love Systems. It was there that James' journey began to come together.

Immediately he found the Love Systems coaches (Chris Sheppard & Cajun) to be the real deal. After that weekend James was finally able to take his skills to the level that James had initially set out to achieve. Now that James has his dating life handled, He's able to enjoy hanging out with friends & family and pursue hobbies with a more determined approach from skills that he's learned along the way.

His main goal with Love Systems now is to be a living example of what you can learn and achieve. You have to put the work in for the result to be achieved but in his opinion it's definitely worth it. The results, a natural feel when it comes to meeting and dating women, as well as feeling congruent as an attractive man and keeping a healthy mindset when it comes to "Game."