The Infield Intensive Program


Become An Approach & Attraction Machine In 3 Days.


The infield intensive is specifically designed using the latest performance psychology techniques… to turn your fear of approaching into excitement…

So you can meet women during the day and night while having a blast doing it.


If you’re new to deliberate dating, the program will get you meeting and dating FAST…with 4 infield sessions (2 day and 2 night), you’ll approach more women in 3 days than most guys do in their life time.


If you are having some success with women and you want to AMPLIFY it…then this live training will super-charge your results and the quality of the women you date as you learn to seize opportunities passing you by every day.


Here is what you’ll learn at the Infield Intensive…


The 9 things that make her see you as a ‘Sexual Companion’ – most guys don’t have a clue about these…but they’re by far the quickest way to unlock her sexuality so she never see’s you as just a friend.


You’ll learn the system Navy Seals use to turn fear and anxiety into confidence and courage…Never again miss opportunities to meet women because of your approach anxiety


You’ll learn the exact language sequences that make that special woman emotionally ADDICTED to you…Use these, and you’ll bypass her logical mind…and talk directly to her primal instinct that doesn’t care about superficial things like your looks, money or lack of fame (Caution: women can become very sexually aggressive when you unleash their primal desires…please use ethically and only with women you genuinely want to connect with)


You’ll learn the single most effective way to tell if she’s ready to go home with you without risking rejection


How to build a super fast emotional connection with a woman so she responds enthusiastically to texts and looks forward to going on a date with you

3 rejection proof ways to get her fantasizing about being intimate with you so she’s eagerly waiting for you to make your move  


The 6 things EVERY woman needs to be satisfied and stay faithful in a relationship…discover the real reason women cheat and how to make your next girlfriend so loyal that even the thought of being with another man, makes her stomach turn.


An easy to use formula for starting conversations in a natural way during the day and night…You’ll never be ‘caught’ using pick up lines…and instead, be complimented for your confidence and authenticity


The storytelling formula for sharing engaging and attraction-building stories that girl get hooked

You’ll meet new ‘wingmen’ to hold you accountable and keep you on track even after the program. The friendships built on programs with likeminded men, can last a lifetime and be a key factor in your long term success


You’ll discover the 3 devastating mistakes you make that REPULSE women…These get you rejected before you even open your mouth, so you must stop doing them right NOW


Never-before revealed Inner Game tactics that will make rejection something you laugh at as you approach more girls than ever before


The conversation blueprint that shows you how to think on the spot so you never panic and run out of things to say…




What Goes On In The Infield Intensive?


25 hours of full immersion training using accelerated learning techniques scientifically proven to increase your retention rate by up to 85%


9 hours of classroom and Q & A to get every single one of your questions answered


Four infield sessions totaling 16 hours approaching women with me and a selective team of instructors guiding you every step of the way


Close attention on YOU from experts so you get specific, moment-to-moment fine tuning and feedback on those hard to analyze things like body language


We’ll detect the errors you’re making that you’ll NEVER figure out on your own


You’ll get immediate feedback on your approach…get to watch other students and learn from each other and we’ll breakdown and debrief after every infield session you gain mastery level understanding of sexual attraction.



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