House is a firm believer in the power of knowledge, discipline, and mentorship to help guys achieve whatever success with women they're seeking. This is only because he's done it himself. Having grown up overweight for most of his adolescent life, he harbored many insecurities about his appearance and was fairly introverted as a result. A late-bloomer, he lost his virginity at 23 and thought he was going to marry that girl until she broke up with him and sent him into a tailspin. He eventually found himself in his late-20's relatively inexperienced with women and not leading the life that he wanted to lead.

Finally, he decided to take a Love Systems bootcamp with Braddock and it completely changed his perspective. He realized that his luck with women wouldn't change until he focused on improving this skill set and making himself attractive to women. The bootcamp revealed many sticking points that had been built up over years of bad habits, and he spent months upon months focusing on each one until he had fixed it. He also found a personal trainer and began working out five times a week, losing about 50 pounds in the two years that followed.

He eventually took another bootcamp with Mr. M and a day game bootcamp with Jeremy Soul before he ended up being recommended as a Workshop Assistant. Since that time, he's helped out on dozens of bootcamps, one-on-one's, and Mastermind programs run by such Instructors as Vercetti, Braddock, Mr. M, Future, Gil Rio, Darwin, and Nick Hoss, and he's helped countless students improve their dating lives. He's dated many beautiful and amazing women that he never could have dreamed of dating before he joined the team.