Hootie - Love Systems Instructor

"Weighing 58 pounds as a 14 year old boy was awful. It was emasculating, embarrassing, and socially debilitating. Most importantly, it crushed my self-confidence and inner beliefs." Add to this awkward skinniness a mouthful of metal, a short frame, and an absolute lack social grace. Well, what do you get? A painfully shy and withdrawn young adult with zero confidence, zero swag, and zero game.

Hootie struggled with girls his entire life, and enviously watched his confident friends date a bevy of cute girls with great ease. All he wanted was a relationship, but finding a girlfriend seemed to be an impossible task. During college, Hootie shed the braces and put on some much needed muscle mass. This mini physical transformation gave him a quick boost of confidence, which enabled him to land his first serious relationship. She was all that Hootie ever wanted. But, as you might guess, everything fell apart in the blink of an eye.

A swift and cruel break up sent Hootie spiraling back down into a pit of self-doubt. Thereafter, he entered into a string of meaningless relationships that ended abruptly in heartbreak. Life only seemed to be getting worse as the years passed. One day, however, Hootie serendipitously stumbled upon the well known book entitled "The Game". To say the least, it piqued his interests. This was the beginning of his journey into the world of game, and it would forever change his life.

At the behest of his friends, Hootie mustered the courage to take a bootcamp with Braddock and Samurai. After absorbing the core tenets of game from these masters and pioneers, he was hooked. The years of pain and disappointment had burned within him a desperate desire for things to change. He yearned for self-confidence, happiness, and most importantly, the capability to meet his dream woman. As such, he pushed through grueling situations and uncomfortable interactions to learn as quickly as possible. He was eventually accepted on Project Rockstar 2013, where he was trained for 9 weeks by Venture, Sterling, and Vici. This was where he cut his teeth.

Hootie emphatically claims that Project Rockstar was "the most difficult, powerful, and important part" of his life. It transformed his game, and ultimately gave him the confidence to pursue the romantic relationships that he had always dreamed of. Moreover, it alleviated his fear of breakups by giving him the rock solid belief that he would always be capable of sparking up a new relationship if need be. "I was always terrified that my previous girlfriends would leave me. Unbeknownst to me, this fear and uncertainty leaked out of me. It is what would surreptitiously doom my relationships from within."

Today, Hootie is reborn as the man he always wanted to be. He has experienced grueling, painful, and arduous times, but has worked hard to emerge at the other end of the tunnel. He loves his life, and is eager to share his experiences and insights. He is a dedicated teacher, and endeavors to help all of his clients achieve the same results.

Hootie's Interview with Giving Shy Guys Game