Future Thompson is the senior-most instructor with Love Systems. He was with Love Systems before we actually had an office. These days Future is famous for his ability to form instant connections with nearly any beautiful woman in nearly any environment, even crossing language barriers. But when Future, then just "Thompson," first took his Love Systems program he was an extremely awkward kid with an enormous amount of energy and a paralyzing fear of the women he desired. That was way back in 2005, and it seems hard to believe now.

Originally Thompson actually wanted to be a Presbyterian priest (we couldn't believe it either). Somehow he made the rather radical decision to join the United States Marine Corps. During his service he broke up with his cheating fiancee and spent the rest of his contract moping in front of a computer screen. He was single, and he was lonely. He figured all that would change when he arrived in New York to attend film school... but it didn't. The man, an NCO in the Marine Corps in a city teeming with gorgeous ladies, had no game.

This was before any books or TV shows about Love Systems. This was back when the only way you could learn about game was with vigorous Internet searches that usually resulted in the lonely netizen reading frantic posts by weird people who babbled with strange abbreviations and swore up and down you couldn't get a beautiful woman without a feather boa wrapped around your neck. With strange advice from the Internet Thompson approached and approached, and although the new knowledge helped him - he could START a conversation with women, although he was still intimidated by the most beautiful girls - Thompson's searches eventually led him to Love Systems.

The rest is history.

Like most students, Thompson's skill with women improved dramatically after attending his bootcamp, although it was probably fate that set him squarely in Savoy's sights a few months afterward. The same guy who was paralyzed before the sight of a hot girl was now leaning against a wall and telling five models to wait their turn to give him their phone numbers (Future denies this ever happened, but it's the main reason he was invited to join Love Systems, so the story stands).

More than just picking up models under the watchful eye of the Love Systems founder and President, Thompson realized the lessons from his bootcamp extended far beyond the boundaries of romantic interactions between men and women. He credits the confidence and strength he gained from his Love Systems program with his ability to start a stand-up comedy career in New York City (this one WE debate, since he's always been one of our funniest instructors).

Since then Thompson has become one of Love Systems' star teachers, the superstar known as Future. He pioneered the revolutionary course Breakthrough Comfort, a powerful step-by-step instruction on making women fall in love. He won the #1 instructor spot honor at the 2009 Love Systems Super Conference. And of course he changes lives every weekend the same way in his own workshops.

Classroom Experience with Future

With years of experience teaching Love Systems, Future has had the opportunity to evaluate dozens of strategies to help students learn the ropes and excel at dating science and Love Systems in the limited time a three-day workshop allows. He views his class as a distillation of dozens of teachers and styles with all the fat trimmed away. He is aggressively results-oriented. His powerful teaching style is both informative and extremely entertaining. Despite knowing his seminar so well he teaches without notes, Future still makes sure to craft every class to specific students' needs since no student's obstacles toward success are exactly the same.

In-Field Experience

Future's years of experience and hilarious classroom style translate to an invigorating and inspiring nighttime workshop. Whether charming the most beautiful girl in the room or secretly whispering precise strategies to help students during an actual interaction, Future's finely tuned observational abilities help students improve their social skills with every single interaction, while his charisma and humor show a perfect model for students to follow in the days, weeks, and months following their own workshops.