From: Helicase

I think I might have worked with you back when I was a junior instructor and you took your Love Systems bootcamp in Chicago. Or if I didn't, I wanted to introduce myself anyw ay. I'm a Love Systems Instructor here in Chicago and have been running my own bootcamps for the last few years after being mentored by Braddock, Mr M, The Don, etc.

I remember when I took my first program with Love Systems... I was thinking this is great; my life will completely change. It did change a lot, at bars and clubs, but outside of that where I was meeting a lot of the quality girls I really wanted to keep in my life I was still struggling. All the lines and routines made it easy to label me "creepy". The girls loved it, but the guys who were already good with women always seemed to have an advantage over me... they did way less work and were easily able to steal girls from me without ever being "creepy".

I was so perplexed by this, but they were what everyone calls "Naturals". So I made it my mission to learn from them and I sought them out. From guys who were hooking up with models over MySpace, hooking up with NFL and NBA Cheerleaders over facebook. These were the guys who grew up with no shame about women. These guys were "Just be yourself" to the max.

As I met more and more of them I found a way to help them add more structure to their game, and I started to learn their secrets. Many of them can't open, the idea of walking up to a girl they don't know is unheard of, but they have honed their skills in social circles and when they do end up next to a beautiful girl at the bar to Navy SEAL status. They had no choice, they couldn't open so they had to maximize every opportunity they stumbled into.

So with me opening and them as my wingmen we became unstoppable and I began to learn their style of "game". After befriending 20 of the biggest prom king, rainmaker sales, High School Quarterback super studs, I began to see the patterns and began to reverse engineer them.

At first it was just the external actions but I was obsessed and dug even deeper. Going through tons of psychology books on Self Esteem, Repairing Emotional Trauma, Emotional Intimacy and Marriage Counseling. Eventually I became a natural. It's a crazy feeling.

One thing all of my bootcamp clients tell me: I can't believe you were ever bad with women?!

It's because I didn't just learn the lines and routines. I don't try and stuff every social interaction into one linear process. Relationships and conversations are organic, each one is different, because each person is different.

But if you know the core of human relationships, what they thrive on, what the small talk is for, what the structure of it is, how to tailor your sub communications to reflect confidence (and eventually with some work to build real confidence based on systems from the worlds foremost psychology experts) you can feel unshakeable in any social situation too.

Do I still use lines and routines? Of course... when I taught some of the lines and routines we use at Love Systems to the naturals they LOVED them. Naturals LOVE having a structure as a mentioned earlier, because what I taught them allowed them to trouble shoot their interactions and see what was wrong. Every natural I became friends with improved his game at least 30%.

The secret is, I'm ready for any social situation now, I understand attraction at a core level. I understand how to make girls chase, how to reverse the normal dating dynamic. How to get past the typical 'game' issues from the top hat and goggles day where you feel like a dancing monkey chasing.

This is the type of skills that can be used anywhere from a bar to your office Holiday party. Some of my clients have told me it's too good, it's hard to turn off. They ended up hooking up with co-workers or their secretaries and had to stop. When you first gain the skills we teach it's hard to resist. So many women you haven't had access to, are finally falling for you, you can see the subtle shifts. You're "in the matrix" so to speak.

So to all of you who have taken a program before and thought it was good, but want to go beyond the bar, beyond the lines and routines. if you want to know what the High School Quarterback saw, what his world was like. Come to one of my Bootcamps.


The Love Systems bootcamp has always been the best out there, but it's also improved so much over the last few years. I've broken down "natural" game. If you're needing a refresher or a course correction or a reboost, come check out our new program that can work ANYWHERE. I'll show you the matrix on real self esteem and social skills.

Inner game, bootcamp and same night lays all rolled into one.