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Flash's story is one that many men relate to.

When Flash was growing up, he loved movies and video games. That's just another way of saying that he didn't get that many dates. Even if a girl was interested in him, he was completely oblivious. When he liked a girl, he would rely on the advice of his friends that never seemed to pan out for him. He was rejected by a girl in his last year of high school and the whole school new about it. His confidence was shattered. On top of that, he relied on the women that chose him in college, and when he tried to choose a women for himself, she would place him in the friend zone. A particularly devastating rejection in his last year of college led him to Love Systems.

With the new material, he began to practice day game in malls and night game at bars and social circle game at college parties. He moved to Hollywood to pursue a career in the film and television industry and saw endless opportunity to practice. When he interned with Savoy in the Lovesystems office, his game improved even more. He went to Superconference and got infield experience with a lot of the instructors. From there, practice, discipline, and grit were his friends. He was able to learn enough to begin to assist other instructors on boot camps. Flash began to have great success in his game and his career when he realized that any goal is attainable through commitment, persistence, and dedication.

Flash helps students with approach anxiety, conversation and inner game. He specializes in day game, teaches advanced day game students, and has pioneered cutting edge day game tactics used successfully in the field today. He has a tremendous passion for teaching and seeing students succeed. To this day, he has helped students find dates, girlfriends, and even wives."

Baller Mindsets for Success

February 01, 2016

Everything is hard before it is easy. Skill sets take time and practice to develop. When I first played basketball, I was nowhere as good as I am now. Mastery takes time, repetition and failure. Here are my favorite mindsets for playing the game of love. Note that just using one at a time will greatly help your results.
Baller on a Budget: Real-Life Stories AND Lessons on Being Cheap

January 21, 2016

Flash here. We've covered some ideas for cheap dates before, but I want to give you ways to date on the cheap that aren't the same old museum, hang out at the beach, etc. Here are your ten tips to become a Baller on a Budget:
How to have SWAG

January 13, 2016

Confidence is one of the keys to attracting women, but it is often difficult parts of game to attain. While one can learn to discuss mastery topics in a day (which we teach on bootcamps), confidence is something that is absorbed over a certain amount of time. For someone who has never had sex, it might seem daunting to begin a conversation, get a girl interested, get her to come out on a date or handle the pull so that you can get her home and have sex. Once we first begin to have sex with a number of partners, we realize that it is not difficult: our confidence in our abilities has risen.
How Broke Guys Get Girls Pt. 2

January 07, 2016

The most important thing to realize is that you can control much of what you need to in order to become an attractive man. Your confidence can be built over a long period of successful interactions or through introspection of your previous accomplishments. Your sense of humor can be developed through practice. Fashion sense can be studied and cultivated. You can talk to everyone by choice. You do not need to be rich in order to do any of these things.
How Broke Guys Get Girls Pt. 1

January 05, 2016

What do you think attracts women? What do most people think of when they think about the type of man that attracts women? Is he rich? Handsome? Famous? Then ask yourself, “How often do I see a man who is the opposite of all three of these superficial characteristics get the girl?”