Farmer is outgoing and adventurous. Growing up he outwardly appeared to have success with women, but being a typical English gentleman and suffering from Nice Guy syndrome, this perception was far from the truth.

Going through university and law school the girls he met seemed like random chance on nights out. Then he read the Game straight through on a plane flight and he knew he'd found the answer to meeting girls wherever he wanted. After looking around for more information, he came across Love Systems and hasn't looked back since. His social life exploded, the amount of girls he met went through the roof and he started being able to choose the girls he wanted rather than bumbling his way randomly through the dating world.

He can now be found flying all over the world helping to change guys’ lives and having great adventures along the way. Teaching dating science is now a passion of his. Farmer wants to help other guys turn their lives around, and enjoy the choice in their love lives that he enjoys.