Elate never had trouble making friends with girls – the trouble began when he wanted to get past friendship as he suffered from severe Nice Guy syndrome. After stumbling across The Game, Elate’s eyes were opened to another world that he never knew existed, and he was soon reading everything he could get his hands on. But, he failed to try any cold approaches due to his high anxiety. The occasional relationship that he got himself into was always through a social circle until Elate took his Love Systems bootcamp. With Tenmagnet, Cajun, Soul, Keychain and 5.0 he got the kick in the ass he needed and got to see some of the best in the business do their thing.

Impressing his instructors with the speed of implementation and results from the nights in field, Elate assisted at Love Systems programs around the world before officially joining the team at the start of 2010.
Learning how to sexualise a situation and dropping the need to make everyone happy, Elate combines the useful elements of his old Nice Guy persona with his own special brand of humour to powerful effect both in the bar and in the street.
Currently based in Sydney, Australia, Elate is available for phone consultations and 1-on-1s for both day and night game.