Dubbsy is from the New York City area. Growing up he had multiple social circles, and attributes the success he had with women to playing sports and meeting them through mutual friends. Dubbsy had his dating life all figured out in high school and college, and met a girl he thought he would marry. When that failed, Dubbsy, like many others, had severe “One-itus” and couldn’t get over the “How can I do better than her” wall. With college over and the real world in front of him he realized that getting back out there and meeting women wasn’t as easy as it had previously been.

Frustrated and confused, Dubbsy came across The Game and bounced around to different forums and ebooks. He read everything he could get his hands on, went out and had mild success, but he still wasn’t where he wanted to be. Then he found Magic Bullets, which finally put things in perspective for him. More trial and error led Dubbsy to take a Love Systems workshop, and with the knowledge and dedication of his instructors, 7 months later he joined the Love Systems team.

Dubbsy remembered the pain and frustration he went through, and was extremely passionate about helping others go through the same transformation he did.