Growing up in high school, Driver was naturally a funny guy, but he wasn’t getting the kind of girls he likes.

In the beginning of 2012, Driver came across the original Mystery’s Method in a book store, which leads him to find Love Systems's Magic Bullet. After being exposed that he can take the action now to shape his love destiny, he decided to dedicate his whole summer to going out and getting better with women all by himself.

After countless interactions, Driver gotten better at approaching and even some results along the way. Fast forward, Driver came across a girl of his dream during cold approach and luckily ended up dating her exclusively until the relationship was over. A few months after, being hunted by the thoughts of his ex-girlfriend Driver decided that it was time to finally move on with his life. So he made a decision to take his game to the next level.

Being under drinking age at the time, his only option was Day Game Workshop with Nick Hoss. After the workshop, his life has changed entirely. His perception of game has changed entirely, his game skyrocketed and he was dating more girls than he could ever imagine.