Although constantly mistaken for a natural, Daxx has travelled along a path of pure determination and grit since being introduced to the ‘dating arena’ to finally understand, break down and master the skill set that most men dream of!
Surprising to most, before experimenting, gaining experience, and truly understanding this phenomenon that men worldwide struggle with, Daxx used to have limited success with women. He was introduced to the game at 16 so his learning curve of mastering how to attract beautiful women started early. Committing to master this area of life this at such a young age was a big choice, and although young he made a pledge to himself to get this handled because he knew how important it would turn out to be as life went on.
Being introduced so young, he is commonly seen as a ‘natural’ of the game, but this is not the case. He did not enter the world hitting on the nurse who delivered him; it came from him learning from and modelling the best, studying anything and everything he could get his hands on extensively, and then putting it to practice through pure desire to get this area of his life mastered.
He was scouted by Braddock back in January 2008, which led to being introduced to Samurai and partying with the hottest girls in London along with 5.0, Vercetti and Sheriff in London's top-end VIP clubs. Surrounding himself with mentors like these skyrocketed his game to an untouchable level.
Being trained by Samurai and Braddock radically helped him become the instructor he is today, and now with roommates with DaHunter and Braddock, his skills and abilities are always on the cutting edge.
The reviews below from guys who have recently trained with Daxx speak for themselves.
Daxx is currently based in Los Angeles, California.