Davin Flynn

Growing up with extreme social anxiety, Davin barely knew how to respond to girls that were interested in him, and the concept of attracting a strange girl in a club or on the street was out of his reality entirely. After a messy rejection and frustration he came across The Game and began to experiment with cold approaches on the street and in nightclubs.

After coming across Love Systems, his life exploded. Beyond having more success with women than he ever dreamed of before, including dating several European models, the mindsets learned with Love Systems have led to new highs in other areas of his life including fitness and business.

After witnessing the power of Love Systems to transform one's life, Davin gets immense personal satisfaction from helping others transform themselves to live the lives they want.

Link to a review where I am mentioned: http://www.theattractionforums.com/love-systems-reviews/164555-tenmagnet-bootcamp-munich-april-2013-w-vox.html