A scientist by training and former NASA employee, Darwin studies and teaches from a perspective of long-term life development.

Seeking to elevate himself into the status of the male elite, his dedication to self-improvement over all areas of life has helped him become the type of man women naturally desire.

Darwin believes "It is important to take advantage of, and maximize, what you naturally bring to the table." Every man has qualities that make him unique and attractive to women; by working to develop those qualities Darwin helps men become the best they can possibly be.


Hi. I'm Darwin, an average American male now in my mid-thirties. I first started training with Love Systems so I would be able to find "my" right woman and eventually have a family. As I was going through school and then into adulthood, I had relationships (and saw many similar ones involving friends and colleagues) that were created more for convenience or fear of being alone rather than being forged from strong connections and mutually fulfilling partnerships. I wanted to find the woman I truly desired, not just settle for whomever was around. I wanted to find a woman who had qualities that were important to me, a woman who was intelligent and beautiful, healthy and fit, who was emotionally grounded, had a strong sense of family, and who was making something of herself. As if finding all of that wasn't hard enough, then the challenge was to be able to attract her and keep her interested.

I've known many guys who once in a relationship stop doing what got their girl interested in them in the first place. Men become comfortable, take their women for granted, and start doing things that slowly push them away. I've done it myself and was determined to learn about male/female relationships at a fundamental level. The questions for me were: What starts a relationship, and what keeps it healthy?

To answer these questions I extensively researched and studied all aspects of masculinity, things such as fashion and style, nutrition and fitness, inner game, personal productivity, and social interaction. As a scientist one must review all the available information about a topic, cut away the fat and find the truth. I spent many years studying these topics, and what I found surprised me at first. The behaviors and mental attitudes that make a man most attractive to women are also the ones that make him feel most masculine. In a sense many of the problems men have with women today are due to having the wrong information about how to behave and treat women. By learning the truth and working to maximize the characteristics that make men feel alive and fulfilled, which are the same things that make women desire them, I had transformed myself and created a framework and long-term training program to help other men do the same.

Are you ready to find your dream girl? Of course you are; so let's get started.