Dan Wildcard

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Dan Wildcard is a testament to the fact that no matter how terrible you are with women, with hard work and dedication, anything is possible.

During high school, Dan was painfully disconnected from the opposite sex. No matter how hard he tried to spark a relationship with girls at his school, he would inevitably fail.

When it came time to attend college, he chose to enroll at the largest party school on the west coast in the hopes that his luck with women would change. Despite being an athlete and having a very large social circle, Dan slept with one woman his freshman year. As his college experience went on, things did not improve

His failures with women along with several other factors eventually caused Dan to slip into a life threatening depression. It was at this lowest of lows that Dan made a promise to himself: once he had recovered from his depression was going to save his money and take a Love Systems bootcamp.

In July of 2011, Dan signed up for a three day immersion into game taught by two of the most well known icons in the industry: Mr.M and Braddock. That decision changed his life forever. Over the course of a weekend, Dan¹s eyes were opened to all the bad habits and mistaken beliefs he had developed over the years. After his bootcamp, Dan was a man on a mission.

He resolved to break down and correct all of his sticking points. He set up a steadfast routine of going out regularly coupled with a devoted focus on the underpinnings of game related theory. He endeavored to understand everything related to the art and science of seduction. A year into his journey, Dan landed a highly sought internship for Braddock, one of the foremost authorities at Love Systems.

This internship was akin to injecting Dan’s game with steroids. During the internship, Dan worked his way into high-end Hollywood social circles and got himself on a first name basis with the doormen at some of the hottest clubs. Last but not least, Dan began regularly leaving the clubs with the women that the other guys were staring at all night.

Dan has worked with clients alongside Braddock, Vercetti, Keychain, Darwin, Gil Rio, and Nick Hoss. He’s met and influenced men from all over the world, and loves helping them become the best men that they can possibly be.