Born in a humble family in Yugoslavia (now Serbia), Dahunter was faced with the challenge that the most desirable women were found in very exclusive social circles. He was forced to develop personality, charisma, and the necessary skill set to break into these environments and succeed with women who are otherwise very difficult to approach.

From a long family line of firefighters, Dahunter continued the tradition and became a firefighter himself at the age of 18. Over twenty years of working in the most dangerous profession in the world has given him an edge over most people, where being forced to think logically in situations of high intensity is a normal part of the job. He believes this is a key part of what makes him succesful as a dating coach: being able to mantain a calm poise even in the face of fear.

He believes that with focus and a strong intent, one can help women get past that initial fear that comes with meeting someone from cold approach. Today happily married, living in his hometown and retired from "The Game," Dahunter is proud to have been a part of Love Systems and able to help other men become their best selves and to help them find and develop the relationships of their dreams.