Although always a social person with a large group of friends, Chase’s confidence that he had when in a group with his male friends quickly diminished when it came to talking to and attracting girls.

Chase never seemed to know what steps to take in order to have anything more than platonic conversations with girls he was attracted to, let alone to transition into relationships with them.

After reading about Love Systems online, Chase realized he had come upon the missing piece. With a couple of close friends he began to go out and practice the techniques that he was learning about. He made progress, but growth was slow and inconsistent. Frustrated by this, Chase looked for more.

The starting point for exponential growth was a Love Systems mini-seminar in London. Inspired by the instructors, both in terms of their skill with women and their outlook on life, Chase realized that in order to change his lifestyle radically and live the way he dreamed, he had to attack things full force.

Chase secured an internship with Samurai and with numerous seminars and bootcamps he progressed exponentially. Since learning game Chase has slept and had relationships with girls he would never have dreamed it possible to attract, nor even had the confidence to talk to prior to his training. He was accepted as an instructor in June 2012.

Chase now lives a life of international travel and freedom. He spends his time working towards his business and lifestyle goals having been shaped into a determined individual who goes after, and achieves, what he wants.