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Charmer's journey started after his girlfriend of four years cheated on him right before he was going to propose. Charmer desperately sought a new relationship but meeting girls seemed impossible. He hated bars and clubs, and couldn't approach girls. He turned to online dating sites but his neediness and lack of confidence pushed every desirable girl away. For years he was only able to get dates from girls whom he wasn’t attracted to, and even then he got friend-zoned.

In an attempt to figure out how to get better with women Charmer read The Game. He even hit the bar scene for the first time in his life to try some things out. After a few crash and burn approaches, Charmer was convinced that pick up actually works. He found Love Systems and signed up for a bootcamp with Future. With a lifetime's worth of new information, Charmer went out every weekend, always with a focus on building one skill at a time.

He was improving quickly thanks to his dedication and help from Future, Intrigue, and Nick Hoss. He got more dates from hotter women than ever before. After about 6 months of studying and practicing, the results skyrocketted. A bouncer in one of New York City's best clubs pulled him aside to say "You're always talking to the hottest girls here; how many do you actually hook up with?" The answer was more than Charmer could've imagined just a few months earlier. It was encouragement to step up the training and see how good he could actually get at pick up. That year Charmer did either day game or night approaches without missing a day all summer. The results were Brazillian models and yoga instructors.

Charmer wanted to give back to the community that helped turn his life around. He was invited to assist on workshops with Future, Nick Hoss, Vercetti, and Big Business, and then became an instructor soon after. Charmer focuses on pinpointing and prioritizing what needs to be worked on first, then breaking it down into clear steps that are easy to follow. He believes that students should not just be given the tools to succeed, but be taught how to self-assess so they can continue to achieve success once they leave the workshop. Starting at such a low point in his life and coming from a history of being friend-zoned, Charmer knows what it takes to turn your life around so that you can date the women you know you deserve.