Captain Jack

PUA (Pick up Artist) Captain Jack has been around since the release of The Mystery Method: How to Get Beautiful Women into Bed in 2006, before we became known as Love Systems. He was nominated by Sinn, another classic Love Systems instructor. Sinn and Captain Jack often worked together as wingmen.
Captain Jack specialized in teaching Same Night Lays (“One Night Stands”), especially in the Dallas, Texas area. He advocated a Warrior King personality to pick up and date beautiful women.
As so many top pickup artists do, Captain Jack overlaid his system for picking up beautiful women on top of the “bible” of seduction, the Magic Bullets Handbook. Many of his ideas became part of the Love Systems Same Night Lay (SNL) seminar – a dedicated one-day seminar specifically focused on the techniques to take a beautiful woman home that night.
Love Systems thinks of Same Night Lays as being similar but different from One Night Stands. The latter implies you might not see her again, while the former leaves that possibility open.
Captain Jack was also known for his comfort-building routines which he contributed to the Love Systems Routines Manual. A routine is a line, story, or game that can be used with different women. Captain Jack’s routines are mostly lengthy 10-20 minute stories that can be used in the Love Systems Triad Model of seduction.
Some of Captain Jack’s archives can also be found on The Attraction Forums, the largest online source for free dating advice for men, on his blog. Many of Captain Jack’s classic posts are in the Love Systems Lounge – a more advanced forum for Love Systems instructors and former clients. Unfortunately, entry to the Love Systems Lounge (which used to be called Mystery’s Lounge) is by invitation only.