Jeff Bullet is 52 years old and he consistently dates women less than half his age.  He has trained with many of the big names in the Dating Science industry starting with Neil Strauss, Ross Jefferies, etc., and then moving up to Love Systems and the world’s best coaches.  Over time Jeff has worked out which techniques are the most effective in picking up hot girls and as he says, “You soon know what works and what doesn’t when you’ve got 20+ years on your target.”

Bullet hails from Australia and had a series of long term relationships including being married for 13 years. In business he was very successful, owning financial advisory firms in Australia and the U.S. and was a guest speaker on the International Living and U.S. MoneyShow seminar circuits.  However, this hectic lifestyle meant that Bullet wound up in long term relationships that were not ideal and more a matter of convenience.

It was only after he sold his businesses and no longer had the high profile status that he become aware that he had to start at the beginning - how to get high value ladies attracted to him while he appeared as Mr. Average. “Looks and age aren’t very important; you just have to learn techniques that push her attraction switches and comfort DHV buttons.  That’s what gets hot girls addicted to you,” Bullet says.

In 2009, 2010, and 2011 Jeff has been a coach on Project Rockstar, which is basically a 2 month long bootcamp with a select group of students learning game in secret locations around the world like London, Munich, Stockholm, Las Vegas, and New York.  The recently released book “Myths & Masters of the Game” by Adam Brown devotes a large part to the story of what really happened during Project Rockstar in 2009, and there are quite a few pages written about Bullet (known simply as “Jeff” in that book).  This is a true, factual account of those intense in-field experiences picking up young hotties.

Jeff is Love Systems' specialist when it comes to training older men on how they can pick up younger women.  He regularly travels the globe holding bootcamps and "one on one" individualized coaching as he's recognized as one of the world's best in this arena.