Boulder comes from a different background than many of the other instructors due to having strong social circle game from a young age. He always felt like there were two sides to his personality - the nerdy, video gaming, web programming side and the social, outgoing side. He spent years casually dating girls whom he met through his social circle, but was always afraid to actually show women his true persona because he felt they would judge him. He never felt like he had a choice with whom he could date. Even though he went out to bars and clubs every weekend for years with friends, he was 26 before he ever got a girl's phone number in a public setting.

After a horrible breakup and the longest spell without a date in his adult life (six months!) Boulder began devoting himself to learning game. He attended Project Rockstar in 2011 and found that his passion is in teaching guys how to have fun when they are out, and how to break out of their logical brain patterns. Under the guidance of Venture and Sterling he was able to learn rapid escalation and become a test subject for new methods of teaching game.

Boulder has a deep love for learning psychology and reads a great deal on self-improvement. He was a meditation instructor for a number of years and is passionate about helping guys improve their inner game as well as outer game.

His ability to bring guys outside of their comfort zone in a fun and enjoyable manner is what sets apart his teaching style from others. His focus is to help students create a lifestyle that they love and thus attract the quality of women they desire.