Love Systems' Coaches Will Show You How Easy It Is to Attract Beautiful Women

So, you’re thinking of taking a Bootcamp but you’re not sure what it’s all about? Stop getting in the friend zone! Stop dating women who picked you! Start taking action and changing your dating life NOW. Do you want to be in control of who you meet and date? You want to start meeting and dating the women you have always thought were “out of your league?”

Picking up girls is a skill set you can learn. Without money or good looks you can pick up beautiful women and we will show you HOW. Thousands of men who have taken our bootcamps are proof that Love Systems works. We would be out of business if we couldn’t show you that picking up women is a skill you can learn.

Whatever your abilities are now, we have the skills to bring you to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL. You'll learn everything from how to attract beautiful women in any situation.

We have taught men all over the world, from Hong Kong to Los Angeles, to Amsterdam and beyond. Love Systems works regardless of age, race, income, or looks.




Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Seminar (2pm-7pm)
Female Psychology
Inner Game & Confidence Building
Body Language
Debrief of Previous Night
Comfort, Trust, and Intimacy
Physical Escalation
Setting up Dates (Phone & Text Game)
Debrief of Previous Night
One Night Stands
Image & Identity
Q & A
Workshop (10am-2pm)


Each bootcamp is broken into two sections, an in-class seminar, in which our instructors will explain the techniques, and the in-field portion.

The in-field portion of the bootcamp is where we demonstrate that Love Systems works. Right in front of your eyes you will see Love Systems instructors approach and pick up beautiful women with the very same techniques taught at the bootcamp so that you can see it actually working.

While participating in a bootcamp, you will be gaining access to the newest pick up techniques. An informed instructor will clearly and efficiently communicate the Love Systems methodology, showing you the nuances that can't be learned in any other way than through direct experience.


The seminar takes place in a professional, comfortable setting (usually a hotel conference room) over the course of a weekend and includes all three days. It is the building block for all Love Systems programs - including our advanced and specialty programs. In an intense but informal environment with a small group of students (usually no more than 12), instructors provide comprehensive training in Love Systems using lectures, demonstrations, and interactive participation.

You will learn a comprehensive toolkit that can be used in a variety of social situations to befriend or attract and seduce complete strangers. This seminar does not presuppose prior knowledge of Love Systems, but even those familiar with our techniques or articles will find almost all of the material presented to be new and original.

The seminar can be taken separately as well, though most men choose to take it as part of the bootcamp. If time, money, or age (you need to be legal age to visit bars, clubs and lounges during the workshop) prevent you from attending the full bootcamp, you can attend the seminar by itself for just $999. The money-back guarantee also applies to the seminar-only option, just as we guarantee every single Love Systems product and event, and this includes access to our private, members-only Lounge - off limits to anyone who has not taken a bootcamp with us.


A Love Systems workshop is utterly unique. The workshop is comprised of two basic elements: demonstration and practice.

Demonstration is crucial. If you don't know what "good" looks like, then you won't know how to model it. Everything from body language to tonality to social intuition can be broken down, copied, and integrated in your own style. You will see us approach and meet beautiful women and demonstrate techniques for your benefit. You will have the opportunity to watch (or even be in the same social group) and to ask specific questions about each interaction afterward.

Practice is the flip side of the coin. Trained and experienced Love Systems instructors will observe your interactions over the course of a night and give you solid, practical, and usable feedback. They will be your wingmen when you practice Love Systems techniques on women and give you live instructions and advice. We don't sugar-coat our advice - we don't have time to do that and to teach you everything you need to know.

Over two nights, we will go from observing your "natural" or pre-existing game to coaching you as you integrate different elements of Love Systems into your style and personality. By the end of the program, you should know exactly where you are succeeding and failing, and what you need to do for the next few weeks. And you won't be doing it alone - you'll have joined the Love Systems community, and you will have access - through the Lounge - to talented instructors and former students. Share your experiences, help others, and seek advice. We're all in this together.

In going out with the Love Systems instructors, we will teach you the difference between our method and individual instructors' styles. Love Systems is something we all follow - and consists of a structure and set of powerful techniques and principles. This is something we all share. However, the style of each individual instructor is unique to him, as yours should be unique to you. You will see a variety of unique styles that each instructor has individually put together to express his personality and identity. Our job is not to create clones, but to convey your unique personality and identity with added Love Systems techniques. Learning Love Systems is not about changing who you are, but being able to convey your best self and meeting the women you want.

There's no set curriculum for the workshop. We try to keep it flexible and responsive to what we see individual students need. Because we keep a small student-instructor ratio (for every 3 students, we have 1 instructor) the available spots fill up fast.