Biskit is French, purpose being white privy to the language of love Was not always enough to get the girl. Always Labeled as the nice guy and doing everything he thought logical to Attract the opposite sex, Biskit saw a world of opportunity open with Love Systems.

Traveling across the US, Canada, and Europe as a semi-professional athlete, Biskit Learned to Recognize and adapted to different cultures. Notches On His bedpost to date include Swedish models, actresses Montreal, Mexican yoga instructors, French tennis phenoms ... and that's just in the past year.

After a fortunate meeting with Chris Shepherd (aka Tenmagnet), Biskit Was ushered into the Love Systems team and now travels the world, helping in bootcamps in French and English.

Biskit is caractérisé as a good listener and likes to pay attention to small details to Believes That he make all the difference. As a student of Sports Psychology, Biskit is a good motivator and principles thesis Applies to Improve students' confidence and inner game.

Currently working as a bartender and well-connected in the downtown Montreal bar and club stage, HAS Biskit extensive social network linking _him_ year to the trendiest hot-spots in the city. That Said, he is reliable to hand-pick came specifically suited For Each student's age, comfort, and skill-set.