Big Business


Big Business has always had trouble with meeting and attracting women, despite being gifted in a number of other areas. Throughout high school and college he was fairly popular and known all over campus for his musical ability, yet nothing ever materialized. The problems only exacerbated once he left school and moved to New York where he had no status at all. "I've got no game," is the excuse his friends were forced to listen to after each failed attempt propelled him into fits of depression.

After five years of consistent disappointment and dating women he knew he could do better than, he finally attended a Love Systems bootcamp that changed things almost instantly. He had his first same night lay after only a month of applying the systems and techniques he'd learned from Love Systems, and now surrounds himself only with women who meet his standards for intelligence, humor, and attractiveness.

In addition to his multiple speed seductions, Big Business prides himself on his energetic teaching style, figuring out students' sticking points and helping to overcome them.