Becoming an Instructor

We get a lot of inquiries about becoming a Love Systems instructor.

Becoming a Love Systems instructor is based on merit, not need. “I live in XXX city and can run programs for you here” does not matter. Most of our training programs sell out far in advance and we could easily double in size if we wanted to. We’ve chosen not to, because our values put the client first. We will not put clients in front of an instructor we’re not 100% sure about.

There are four levels of instructor with Love Systems:

  • Workshop Assistant
  • Apprentice Instructor
  • Certified Instructor
  • Master Instructor

Most instructors join as a Workshop Assistant and rise through the ranks. Workshop Assistants are very limited in the kind of coaching and training sessions they operate, and always do so under the supervision of a Certified or Master Instructor. (Many Workshop Assistants are extremely talented and can do much more than their position allows, but until we’ve formally evaluated the instructor in a bigger role, we don’t put him in such client situations).

Apprentice Instructors operate with more autonomy and have a broader role. Some Apprentice Instructors were former Certified Instructors (or have the skill level to reach this level) but don’t have the time to put into Love Systems required by the Certified Instructor position. Other Apprentice Instructors are on their way up in Love Systems and further refining their skills in the Apprentice position. There is a significant jump in standards and responsibilities between the Workshop Assistant and Apprentice Instructor position.

Certified Instructors are the workhorses of Love Systems. They have passed through an intense battery of tests and multiple evaluations before they reach this level. They are on par with Master Instructors when it comes to everything other than running group programs and internal leadership within Love Systems. Certified Instructors run most Mastermind long-term mentorship programs and do most one-on-one coaching sessions and phone or email consultations.

Master Instructors have all the skills of Certified Instructors, with an additional layer of training in running most group programs (that appear on the Love Systems schedule) as well as training and developing other instructors, creating intructional books, and how-to DVDs to help members of the Love Systems community who can’t attend our live training programs.

There are four things we look for in potential instructors:

  1. Game

    Obviously, you have to be good with women. Really good. Clients will not only be listening to what you say; they’ll be watching your game “in the field” and modeling what you do. This puts a responsibility on us to make sure instructors are men who get it right – even the little things.

    We’ve been doing this about ten years, so we know what we’re doing and our standards are high. We look for men who are comfortable and effective using the proven Love Systems approach to meeting and attracting women.

  2. Ability to Teach

    This is probably the hardest of the criteria to pass. Can you pick up a beautiful woman with a dozen guys looking on, scrutinizing your every move? Can you watch a client with women and pinpoint out of the dozens of possible areas of improvement, what are the one or two things he should be working on right now? Can you give him specific, practical tools and inspire him to make those changes? Do you have infinite patience? Can you explain and present complex subjects so that they add value to beginners and experienced men alike? Do you work well in an instructor team?

  3. Teaching

    Where coaching primarily consists of watching a client and providing feedback on what he’s doing right and wrong, teaching involves training a client on a new concept (or reviewing and fixing issues with a concept the client already knows). This is a different skill set from coaching, but is equally important, especially at more senior levels within Love Systems. It’s very rare for someone to be excellent at both coaching and teaching, but we insist that instructors meet these criteria.

  4. Fit & Values

    We put a lot of importance in the Love Systems Values. We can teach any man to be successful with women. We can teach most men how to be great coaches, and a we can teach a lot of men how to be great teachers. What we can’t teach – no one can – is values. Those have to come from you. A client who comes to us for help with his dating life is giving us a sacred trust. Do a great job, and you’ve opened up a lifetime of happiness for him. Do a poor job, and it’s worse than doing nothing since bad habits can get ingrained and a client who doesn’t get results will get discouraged. Love Systems has absolutely zero tolerance for any instructor who doesn’t unreservedly respect, embody, and promote its values.

"Being a Love Systems instructor is a life-changing experience. Being around and having access to other instructors - guys who are literally the best in the world with women - serves as both the catalyst and resource to take your game to the next level. That being said, 'game' is a teachable skill. People think that being an instructor is all about having 'game'. Not true. You are ASSUMED to have some of the best game in the world as an instructor and Love Systems can teach you how to get there. Believe it or not, that's the easy part. You want to be a Love Systems instructor? Exhibit characteristics like common sense, intelligence, the ability to get along with people, a positive attitude, the ability to teach, initiative, lack of ego, reliability and just being a cool guy who doesn't cause drama and is easy to hang out with. Now add 'world class game' to this mix and THAT is what I would consider 'instructor material.'" 

- Samurai, Love Systems Master Instructor

Alright, those are the basics. Now how do you get there?

Do You Have What It Takes?

It almost always starts with impressing a Master Instructor. This almost always happens when you attend a Bootcamp, a Day Game Workshop, or the Love Systems Super Conference. (The Super Conference is probably best for this since all Love Systems Master Instructors are usually there).

By “impress” we’re not talking about your initial skills with women – those skills can be taught and we successfully train thousands of men every year, so you’re in good hands there. What we’re looking for is someone who picks up on concepts quickly, uses them, takes feedback well, has a drive to succeed, and is passionate and interested in being an instructor. (Make sure you tell the Master Instructor on your program about your interest). Obviously, you need to learn the Love Systems approach before you can teach it to others, so we’re looking for candidates who are willing to put in the time and effort to improve themselves as well as help others improve.

Once a Master Instructor is interested in your candidacy, he’ll discuss next steps with you. Most candidates will go through several in-person tests and evaluations, including simulated client situations and intense “pick up” or “game” tests and challenges, as they advance into and through the Love Systems team.

"Becoming a Love Systems Instructor is equivalent to getting 007 status! Traveling the world training clients to meet and attract their ideal type of girl is a very rewarding thing, and the clients themselves hail from all walks of life. While it is certainly rewarding, it is not for the faint-hearted. You must have nerves of steel in extremely high social pressure situations, be attuned to numerous cultural nuances, be able to adapt to changes on the fly, and coordinate logistics with ease. Those are just the pre-requisites. Assuming the frame of a teacher is the single best way to take your Game to the next level. And the Love Systems Instructor team is hands-down the coolest community of people you’ll ever get to know. Game on!'" 

- Starlight, Love Systems Instructor

Think that you have what it takes it to become a Love Systems instructor? Contact us today!