By the age of 18 Alex had basically spent his whole life in front of a computer-screen, isolated from the rest of the world. When his gaming-career unwillingly came to an abrupt end, he realized he had a chance to break out from his isolation and change his life for the better.

Through hard effort he managed turn himself from a hunched-over overweight gamer to a fairly normal guy. With new-found friends, girls were introduced to his life. Due to his prior isolation and lack of social skills, every attempt he made with girls ended up with him being put in the friend-zone.

Due to this, the first girl that showed the slightest sign of interest in him became his one-itis. His desperation for her validation quickly put him in the friendzone yet again. Frustrated with the situation, Alex turned to the internet for help and came across Love-systems. Too afraid of going out to bars and clubs, he applied the methods of Love-systems in his social circle. As he started seeing some success with girls, College enrolled and Alex moved to a new town. Still not being free from his one-itis, he continued to pursue her and ended up in a long-distance relationship. After a year of juggling college-life and a long-distance relationship, he came to realize that his feeling for his girlfriend merely was a result of she being the best thing he never had. This realization freed him from the chains of his one-it is and he ended the relationship.

Shortly after the relationship ended, the feeling of loneliness struck him hard and he ended up in a new relationship within a month. After two years in the relationship, Alex learned that his girlfriend had cheated on him. His world crumbled and the fear of loneliness struck again. Although Alex had changed, he was filled with limiting beliefs due to his prior life. Too afraid to end up alone, Alex forgave his girlfriend and took her back. After a month, he managed to see the situation for what it was and ended the relationship. After weeks of depression, he knew something had to change.

Determined never to let fear and limiting beliefs rule his life again, he signed up to a Lovesystems bootcamp to take control of his lovelife.

Alex spent the months leading up to the bootcamp relentlessly practicing the methods of Lovesystems. Attending the bootcamp, he was recognized by Venture and Sterling for his effort and his ability to apply what they taught. Since then he has been invited to bootcamps around Europe, helping students reach the fulfillment in their lovelife that they truly deserve.