Ajax is an artist living in downtown Los Angeles and a top creative in advertising (no jingles, promise). In 1996, he began investing in real estate in southern California. His first house was a fixer-upper that he bought on a credit card for $6,500 (yes, $6,500). His real estate pursuits continued, giving him the financial freedom and time to follow his true passions: art, photography and exploring the planet.

His love for travel has taken him to over 30 countries; adventures that include a UN sponsored trip to Afghanistan, documenting a political uprising in New Guinea, and a recent river-rafting trip through 110 miles through the Alaskan arctic without a guide (He also ran out of food halfway through the trip, losing 7 pounds). He has always had a passion for learning about relationships and the human drama.

Love Systems has helped him tremendously in not only dating (sex), but in understanding human behavior (sex), and, ultimately, sex (more sex). He is very excited to share what he has learned with others and enjoys seeing the amazing progress of students.