10-Day Bootcamp - Same Night Lay

Same Night Lays are advanced. Just a handful guys in the world can consistently approach a high quality woman (not a drunk, stumbling one) with real confidence, generate attraction effortlessly, and build such strong sexual tension that sex naturally happens that very night.

The average guy goes to a bar or club and is happy to get a girl’s phone number so he can “call her and hang out sometime.” But what if you want more? Enter Simplified Natural. It’s possible to learn how to escalate and sexualize things extremely quickly in a way that’s fun and genuine for both of you. No manipulation involved. Rather, sex becomes a culmination of intense attraction and a heated sexual environment that you’ve created. It’s all done in a manner that is completely natural and normal. That’s a Same Night Lay done right.

Social rules and norms aside, men and women have been going to bars and clubs for years hoping the night will end in a sexual encounter. Most guys have probably had a one-night stand at some point in their lives, but there’s a distinct difference between “getting lucky” and having the confidence and natural attraction to consistently pull Same Night Lays with high quality women. Bottom line? If you really want to be among this small handful of men, this seminar is for you.

Do you want to become the kind of guy who exudes a sexual aura that women find irresistible, comfortable, and fun? The Same Night Lay seminar teaches you what 95% of men don’t know when it comes to taking a girl home the night you meet her.

So now you know what it takes, what about what you get out of the Simplified Natural (formerly “Game 3.0”) Same Night Lays Seminar? Here are just a few things you’ll internalize during the experience:

  • How to frame your conversations sexually from the very start
  • How to express sexual intent and masculinity through your subcommunications
  • How to build flirtatious and fun conversation without lines or gimmicks
  • How to build sexual tension that you both long to act on
  • How to let her know that a Same Night Lay isn’t something for which you’ll judge her negatively
  • How to get the intensity of an interaction boiling to the point at which sex is assured

These are just a few of the things you’ll learn during the Same Night Lays seminar. If you’re at the point in your life where you just want to enjoy being single in a way that’s not sleazy, this is an experience you can’t afford to miss. Sign up today!