10 Day Bootcamp

The 10-day bootcamp covers everything there is to know to be put on the path to becoming a naturally attractive individual, from the very basics of how to develop the communication skills necessary to be a captivating, masculine, fun and attractive individual, to the advanced principles behind the inner game of confidence and self-belief. Nothing is left behind.

Imagine what it would feel like to know that you are desirable to the women you want to bring into your life. Imagine being the kind of guy women love to be around, and being so without having to remember routines or gimmicks.

For 10 days and nights, you will be completely immersed within the critically acclaimed Simplified Natural curriculum, developed by two of Love Systems' top coaches, Venture and Sterling, during Project Rockstar 2011. You will breathe self-development and be tirelessly guided on pushing the boundaries of personal growth and development. You will come out the other end of the 10-day Bootcamp armed with everything you could ever need to develop into an naturally attractive, masculine individual who draws high-quality, beautiful women into his life.

Make no mistake, the 10-day Bootcamp is incredibly grueling and not for everyone. Daily classroom seminars take place from 2pm – 7pm, followed by in-field from 10pm – 2am, for 10 full days. However, by being positioned in a high-pressure, intensive learning environment, you can expect to make significant strides in your abilities with the women you actually want in your life.

You will spend night after night in-field, learning through doing, under the lead of Venture and Sterling. You will gain valuable coaching for 5 nights of dedicated in-field training and an additional 5 nights of hanging out with the instructors and program mentors where you will continue to hone your game. And it doesn’t stop with just nights, you’ll be hitting the streets to learn how to meet beautiful women in broad daylight too. Every nuance of your game will be tweaked and adjusted to an extremely detailed degree.

Additionally, you will learn the most advanced skills normally reserved for standalone seminars or bootcamps, including Inner Game, Same Night Lays, Relationship Management, and Day Game, all through the filter of Simplified Natural.

It doesn’t matter what level of experience you have, from the complete novice who has never approached a girl in his life to the seasoned veteran, the 10-day Bootcamp will take your dating life to a whole new level. You will witness your own transformation as you are taught every single nuance of natural attraction. Whether you want to find your one true love, just enjoy being single, or something in between, what you’ll learn from the 10-day Bootcamp lays the foundation to carve out the dating life you want.

Every single run of the 10-day Bootcamp has sold out in record time, so if you have the opportunity to be part of this program, know that it likely won’t last. Change your life forever, sign up today!

Night Game

Are you tired of how you feel whenever you’re in a bar or nightclub? It’s not easy to look around and realize that everyone seems to be having fun but you. Do you want to stop settling for women you’re not really attracted to? To start building real chemistry with the women you actually want? The 10-day Bootcamp makes all this a reality.

No matter where you stand with your dating skills and abilities with women, it is ensured we will take you to the next level in the 10-day Bootcamp. The Night Game component of the Simplified Natural (formerly “Game 3.0”) curriculum consists of 4 days of classroom seminars and five official nights of in-field training. On top of this, you get 4 nights of hanging out with the instructors to see how it’s done by the pros. During this time, you’ll learn how to build yourself into the naturally attractive guy that is just as comfortable in a bar as he would be a high-end nightclub. The full spectrum is covered, and nothing is left out.


Day Game

Bars and clubs are just one part of the equation. What about the other 15 hours in the day? Enter Day Game.

Imagine you see a beautiful woman walking down the street. You successfully stop her, and as she stands in front of you, she is intrigued by the confidence with which you carry yourself. You start talking with her, letting things flow organically as your natural attraction shines through. Her curiosity builds. As you dive deeper into conversation with her, you learn about each other and the excitement and attraction builds. It reaches a high point and you setup a date to meet the following evening after she gets off work. She walks away beaming. That’s Day Game.


Inner Game Seminar

Ever feel like a woman you’re with or want was out of your league? Or ever been with a girl where you know you’re being overly emotionally dependent and clingy but can’t seem to help yourself? You can have the best ‘game’ in the world, but if you are insecure, needy, emotionally weak, or have poor Inner Game, she’s eventually going to pick up on that. But what if you worked on your Inner Game? What if you developed a natural and unshakeable inner strength, a powerful belief system, and a true mentality of abundance? Developing natural Inner Game is rocket fuel for your success with women.


Same Night Lay Seminar

Same Night Lays are advanced. Just a handful guys in the world can consistently approach a high quality woman (not a drunk, stumbling one) with real confidence, generate attraction effortlessly, and build such strong sexual tension that sex naturally happens that very night.

The average guy goes to a bar or club and is happy to get a girl’s phone number so he can “call her and hang out sometime.” But what if you want more? Enter Simplifeid Natural. It’s possible to learn how to escalate and sexualize things extremely quickly in a way that’s fun and genuine for both of you. No manipulation involved. Rather, sex becomes a culmination of intense attraction and a heated sexual environment that you’ve created. It’s all done in a manner that is completely natural and normal. That’s a Same Night Lay done right.


Relationships Seminar

You’ve seen it a handful of times in your life… a guy and a girl together in a relationship that radiates an unavoidable spark of intense passion and emotional connection. He’s masculine and confident, she’s feminine and stunning. A glance over at them is all you need to spark the voice in the back of your mind that wishes you could experience something similar.

Relationships are a core element of Simplified Natural (formerly “Game 3.0”) because those who step up and make it through our course ultimately become naturally attractive guys who consistently draw high quality women into their lives. And from this, relationships are really just a natural byproduct.


10-Day Schedule 

The 10-day Bootcamp gives you everything you need to become a naturally attractive individual, from the very basics of how to develop the communication skills necessary to be a captivating, masculine, fun, and attractive individual, to the advanced principles behind the inner game of confidence and self-belief. Nothing is left behind.

You will gain the experience of a lifetime by hitting the clubs, bars, streets, and shopping malls with a motivated group of high achieving peers. Leading you through this journey are Love Systems' top instructors, Venture and Sterling, who will mentor, coach, and guide you on the path towards natural attractiveness.