Super Conference

Super Conference Las Vegas AUG 19-21, 2016

3+ FULL DAYS of Practical Pickup Training in Las Vegas

If this is your first year at the Love Systems Super Conference, you’re in for a life-changing experience. Unlike most conferences, it’s not just about “learning” – it’s about “doing.” Powerful techniques are taught on the main stage, and then you can practice them for up to 15 HOURS in the “Breakout Room” with instructors coaching you. Put your new skills to the test each night by hitting Vegas with our expert dating coaches – anywhere attractive women gather – and let them coach you on your skills until you’re picking up like a master.

The Super Conference is the ONLY conference where you’ll leave having already CHANGED YOUR LIFE WITH WOMEN AND DATING.

We will be there with you every step of the way, including AFTER Super Conference, where you get a free month of personal 1-1 support from a top instructor.

Put it this way – most conferences give you “information overload” – a bunch of things that sound good, but you don’t know how to use. The Love Systems Super Conference is THE big “Dating Science” event of the year because it is the ONLY conference that merges information and practice.

And we don’t just send you home and leave you on your own. We continue the mentorship because we want to make sure that you incorporate what you learn into your everyday life.

This is because we believe that every man deserves to get his dream woman. And we’ll do whatever it takes to make that a reality.

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