Simplified Natural Bootcamps

Simplified Natural (formerly “Game 3.0”) is the roadmap to building yourself into a naturally and permanently attractive man. The Simplified Natural curriculum provides the tips to be more attractive guy and has become the Love Systems approach to “natural game” and is taught exclusively by creators Venture and Sterling. The Simplified Natural curriculum serves as the backbone for the critically acclaimed Project Rockstar program and accompanying Love Systems 10-day bootcamps. Simplified Natural is also taught on standard Love Systems 3-day bootcamps led by Venture and Sterling.

Simplified Natural is fueled by the underlying thesis that in order to achieve lasting success with women, one needs to become truly attractive. The foundation for this attractiveness comes from being someone with strong masculinity living a life fueled by passion. Simplified Natural provides the tools to know how to look naturally attractive.

Building into someone who is naturally attractive is the end goal, rather than what people traditionally associate with the media portrayal of so-called “Pick up Artists” (PUAs) – that being someone who is able to manipulate and push buttons with lines, routines and gimmicks in attempts of getting a desired result. Instead of teaching lines, routines and gimmicks, Simplified Natural provides tips to be more attractive guy and focuses on developing the various conversational skills men need to build themselves into their best, most naturally attractive selves, in any social setting (i.e. clubs/bars, dates, social circle, etc…).  

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