Interview Series Bundle Pack VIII

If you are a new subscriber and want to catch up on past Interview Series volumes, our Bundle Packs are perfect for you! This is a great way to catch up on some crucial information and routines to fast track your success with women. None of this information will be repeated in future volumes of Interview Series!

Some of these volumes have information from great instructors who have since left the community and teaching; this is the only place where you can get their routines and wisdom to succeed with beautiful women tonight!

These are available only via instant download, so you can start plugging this material directly into your brain right away.

The Interview Series Bundle Pack 8 includes Volumes 71-80 for a deeply discounted price:

71. Intro to Sripper Game (Fader and Calabrese)
If we're talking about physical attributes alone, strippers are some of the most desirable women on the planet, and this is obviously why they get paid tons of money to take off their clothes. The main challenge with gaming strippers is separating yourself from all the other guys in the club by resisting the customer frame. Your job is to pick up the stripper and her job is to make you a customer. On this riveting interview, stripper experts Fader and Calabrese will teach how to be better at your job than she is at hers. 

72. Gaming Conservative Girls (Future, Starlight, and Samurai)
Some girls you approach will be very free with their sexuality and others will be more conservative, which may be due to religious beliefs, culture, or being raised in a strict household. Many guys prefer to go after conservative girls as they are often attractive due to their innocence/pureness, more suitable candidates for long-term relationships, or simply a good challenge. Conservative girls may come off as tough nuts to crack at first, but they all want to be cracked. On this interview, Future, Starlight and Samurai reveal the secrets to finding the "blueprints" of conservative girls in order to seduce them and at the same time, give them a better understanding of themselves. 

73. Sex Tips (Keychain and Stryker)
Many of our students will often experiment with new openers and routines in order to keep things exciting, always with the hope of unlocking that one line that hooks like magic. Sex should be no different. Instead of going through the same stale "checklist" every time, you should make a continuous effort to spice things up and expand your repertoire in order to keep sex stimulating for both parties. On this interview, join Keychain and Stryker as they share some of their secrets for keeping sex enjoyable with that new girl you're meeting up with tonight, and also in relationship settings. 

74. State-Based Attraction (Sterling and Venture)
Love Systems instructors will tell you that one of the major keys to attracting women in a Night Game environment is simply...having fun. You do, however, need to properly engage the girl and include her in the fun in order to avoid being the "dancing monkey." Join rising stars Sterling and Venture on this comprehensive interview as they reveal how to use your positive state to effectively build strong attraction with women in a nightclub, bar or lounge. 

75. Intrigue Based Attraction (Tenmagnet and Big Business)
Unlike state-based attraction where you use your high energy and intensity to command a girl's attention, intrigue-based attraction is a less "in-your-face" approach. With intrigue-based attraction, you exude an air of mystery while dropping occasional clues about yourself. When done effectively, these clues will pique her curiosity and encourage her to fill in the blanks. Join master instructors Big Business and Tenmagnet on this interview as they teach you how to get a girl to invest in you (and sometimes to the bulk of the work), simply by presenting yourself as an intriguing man. 

76. Long-Term Relationships (LTR's) (Future and Cajun)
Long-Term Relationships are valuable as they help you learn a lot about yourself... your needs, your boundaries, and your turn-ons/turn-offs. However, life is short, so if you enter a Long-Term Relationship, you need to remain conscious of whether your needs are being fulfilled, or you're being untrue to yourself and wasting precious time. On this interview, join master instructors Cajun and Future as they share priceless advice on Long-Term Relationships while discussing their own relationship success stories as well as mistakes. 

77. Becoming A Social Person (Hoss and Rio)
Before you can get good at game, you need to be comfortable with meeting new people in general. If you have always been a shy person by nature, it can be challenging to step outside of your comfort zone and become a social person, but it is absolutely possible, and never too late to do so. On this interview, join the formerly shy Hoss and Rio as they teach you how to build social momentum in ways that will help your dating life as well as many other aspects of life. 

78. Dating Higher Quality Women (Hoss and Soul)
Once a man gains enough dating experience, he figures out what he wants and doesn't want in a woman. As his tastes begin to mature, other female qualities such as lifestyle and values become equally important as looks, especially when introducing a woman to your social circle and/or entering a relationship. Legendary instructor Soul returns for this special interview as he and Hoss help you identify higher quality women and share tips on attracting them.

79. Getting Out of the Friend Zone (Future and Savoy)
The best solution for getting out of the friend zone is to not fall into the friend zone in the first place, and if you correctly follow the Triad Model, you won't. However, if you recently met a girl who you failed to build strong enough attraction with, or have been "best friends" with a girl for 5 years who you have repressed sexual feelings for, this interview is for you. Join master instructors Future and Savoy as they give you the best possible tips to handle being "friend zoned"- a difficult (but very common) situation.

80. Dating for the Busy Professional (Rio and Darwin)

Many of our students are very successful in their careers which often goes hand-in-hand with working long hours, even on weekends. However, life is short, and although it may be challenging, it is vital to not allow dating to take a backseat. On this interview, Rio and Darwin offer priceless advice to the busy professional which focuses on achieving balance in life and incorporating Love Systems into your schedule.