Interview Series Bundle Pack IX

If you are a new subscriber and want to catch up on past Interview Series volumes, our Bundle Packs are perfect for you! This is a great way to catch up on some crucial information and routines to fast track your success with women. None of this information will be repeated in future volumes of Interview Series!

Some of these volumes have information from great instructors who have since left the community and teaching; this is the only place where you can get their routines and wisdom to succeed with beautiful women tonight!

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The Interview Series Bundle Pack 9 includes Volumes 81-90 for a deeply discounted price:

81. Interracial Dating (Bonsai and Rio)
Very often, our students find themselves most attracted to girls of a different race or ethnicity, but due to fear of rejection based on their own race/ethnicity, they avoid approaching and/or dating them. The truth is, many women out there are very interested in dating men outside their race/ethnicity but don't have the opportunity since they aren't being approached by them. On this interview, join Rio and Bonsai as they share their own strategies for finding, approaching and attracting women outside of their races, as well as disarm you of any fears or "limiting beliefs" that may be holding you back from doing the same. 

82. Dating Multiple Women (Cajun, Calebrese, and Erik Royale)
One of the signs that you are getting good at game is when you have a "full pipeline" or are dating the maximum amount of girls that you can handle at once. Many guys aspire to date multiple girls at once as each girl generally offers something different from the others that keeps you interested. However, many girls at some point will develop feelings for you and become uncomfortable with your situation, at which point you may be forced to break it off with her or the others. On this interview, join legendary instructors Cajun and Calabrese along with rising star Erik Royale, as they reveal the pros and cons of dating multiple women, and the best ways to go about it. 

83. Dance Floor Game (Labyrinth and Tenmagnet)
One of the best ways to build attraction with a girl is dancing, as you are exuding confident body language while starting physical escalation immediately. Now you may ask..."do I need to be a good dancer in order to succeed with Dance Floor Game?" Absolutely not. On this interview, rising star Labyrinth and veteran instructor Tenmagnet share their secrets to finding success on the dance floor without having any formal dance training whatsoever. 

84. Utilizing Female Friends (Future, Cajun, Tenmagnet, and Starlight)
Finding a good wing can be a huge difference-maker in your game by helping you demonstrate social proof, opening and introducing you to girls, and perhaps most importantly occupying your girl's friend(s). It's no secret that the best kind of wing is often a very solid female wing. Even if you don't use wingwomen, it is helpful to teach your female friends how to present you in an attractive light when they introduce you to their own female friends. On this special interview featuring four instructors, you will learn how to effectively utilize a wingwoman as well as your other female friends in order to improve your game. 

85. Gaming With and Without Alcohol (Daxx and Intrigue)
Guys will often use alcohol as "liquid courage" when it comes to approaching girls in bars and nightclubs. While this is better than not approaching at all, it is not a good idea to depend on alcohol as a long-term answer, especially if your goal is to date higher quality women. On this interview, join social drinker Daxx and non-drinker Intrigue as they discuss the pros and cons of gaming while drinking alcohol and give expert advice on how to make a smooth transition into sober gaming. 

86. Intro to Fashion (Vox and Samurai)
Having good fashion and style can be an effective way to catch a girl's eye and pique her interest right off the bat. It can also help you attract the particular type of women you are seeking in general by developing and presenting a certain identity or stereotype. Join Samurai and Vox as they discuss how developing their own individual stylish looks have helped their game, and teach you how to do the same. 

87. Intro to College Game (Nick Hoss, Vox, and Vici)
Whether you're attending college or not, college campuses are loaded with hot girls who are looking for excitement and ready for some no-strings attached fun. Be aware, however, that the needs and wants of college girls tend to differ from those "out in the real world", so their attraction switches tend to be different as well. Join recent college grads Nick Hoss, Vox on this interview as they reveal the secrets to making the most out of your college experience.

88. Hired Gun Game - Bartenders (Braddock and Fader)
Just as with other types of Hired Guns, bartenders are girls who are paid to be nice to you, and are typically hired based on their good looks. So when she greets you and takes your drink order, you often have a chance to run game on a true 10 without getting rejected right off the bat. You may end up convincing her to meet up with you after her shift, but at the very least, it is a great opportunity to "shortset" and get into state for the night. On this interview, join Braddock, Fader and Vici as they teach you how to separate yourself from the dozens of other customers and make the most of these interactions. 

89. Maintaining Momentum (Darwin and Rio)
Learning game is just like working out- in order to see progress, you need to stick with it and constantly challenge yourself. When starting out with game, it is extremely important to keep working off the momentum you build in order to take your game to the next level and ultimately date 9's and 10's. Unfortunately, there are some who lose focus, get lazy, or jump into a relationship too quickly. Join Darwin and Rio on this interview as they share their own secrets to staying motivated in order to eventually reach their goals with women, as well as become master instructors.

90. Getting From Intermediate to Advanced Level (Rio and Darwin)

First, a caveat: If you're currently a beginner, you might want to click the "back" button. This interview was specifically recorded for guys stuck in the intermediate stage of game, meaning you can close without a problem, but you are still not getting 9's and 10's on a consistent basis. In Advanced Game, a very large percentage of the women you will date will come from your social circle and lifestyle, but before you reach this point, you will need to gather enough reference experience through cold approaching in order to capitalize on these opportunities. Join master instructors Braddock and Hoss as they share their personal struggles with getting past Intermediate Level and reveal how they are now able to consistently date 9's and 10's without putting in nearly as much work as they used to.