Interview Series Bundle Pack IV

The Bundle Pack of Interview Series Volumes 31-40 is now available at a discounted cost! This is a great way to catch up on some crucial information and routines to fast track your success with women. None of this information will be repeated in future volumes of Interview Series! These are available only via instant download, so you can start plugging this material directly into your brain right away.

Some of these volumes have information from great instructors who have since left the community and teaching; this is the only place where you can get their routines and wisdom to succeed with beautiful women tonight!

The Interview Series Bundle Pack 4 includes Volumes 31-40 for a deeply discounted price:

31. 9 and 10 Game (Braddock and Samurai)
In this interview we sat down for nearly two hours with two of our top instructors, Samurai and Braddock, who both have legendary exploits with numerous 9s and 10s including Playmates, models, strippers and celebrities.

32. Role Plays (Cajun and Tenmagnet)

Role plays are great tools for building attraction by showing off your adventurous and playful side, and they can also be very effective in timebridging.

33. Logistics: Taking Her Home (Soul and Johnny Wolf)

No matter how tight your game is, there are certain logistical variables that can present challenges when attempting to take a girl home. Dealing with logistics can be overwhelming and downright frustrating but not uncontrollable.

34. Female Psychology (Savoy and Soul)

The elements that govern a women's psyche, such as social calibration, are much more complex and dynamic than those for a man. Understanding how women think and knowing "what women really want" will facilitate your pick-up ability.

35. Humor (Braddock and Cajun)

To a woman, a good sense of humor is one of the most attractive male qualities. Using humor demonstrates to the opposite sex that you're fun, playful, interesting, and socially calibrated. Humor also alleviates pressure and social awkwardness.

36. Love Systems in Everyday Life (Big Business and Prestige)

Learn all the benefits of incorporating game into your everyday life. Listen as Big Business and Prestige share their personal experiences, which will motivate you to become more socially well-rounded.

37. Issues in Qualification (Samurai, Braddock, and Sphinx)

Qualification is a vital stage of the interaction that is commonly botched or overlooked altogether. In this interview, master instructors Samurai, Sphinx, and Braddock share their advanced qualification methods and offer ways to avoid common mistakes.

38. Handling Tests (Soul and Kisser)

Tests are one of those critical milestones when the entire tone of the interaction can change for the better or the worse in a split second - and it's up to you to decide which direction it will go. Tests are great opportunities for you to demonstrate higher value and make her feel attracted to you.

39. Older Men Dating Younger Women (Savoy and Kisser)

For many older men, dating younger women can seem like an impossible challenge. Little do they know that their older age can often be an incredible advantage. In this interview, expert instructors Kisser and Savoy go over the adjustments you need to make in your game to be able to date women much younger than yourself.

40. Turning Things Sexual (Braddock and Kisser)

The key ability to turns things sexual in an interaction with a beautiful woman is what will ultimately keep you out of the friend-zone. In this key interview, Braddock and Kisser discuss the core rules of turning things sexual.