February 07, 2017


The Tinder Challenge With Rob Calabrese - LS Live with Derek Cajun


We are PUMPED to announce the first episode of LS Live, a new weekly live-streamed broadcast where Derek Cajun and I are going to be talking about dating, women and life, and taking your questions LIVE. 

In our first episode, we brought our friend Drew, and we wanted to see if we could get him a date online in less than one hour. You can follow us on screen as we discuss the messages we send, and the strategy behind it. 

We also took some calls from our audience, and interviewed the Love Systems Tinder expert Rob Calabrese.

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Click here for the full, unedited broadcast! 

Love Systems Live will be broadcast Monday's at 8pm eastern. You can always find the latest episode at http://go.lovesystems.com/live - where you can also sign up for reminders to catch the live broadcast. 

- Chris  

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Chris Shepherd
Chris Shepherd


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