April 26, 2017


LS Live- What Women Want

This week's episode of LS Live is called What Women Want...

We had the hilarious and talented Alexandra Augustine on our show this week to answer the eternal question - and tell us What do women want?

Here is last night's episode:

As always in our show, we're taking live questions and talking honestly and in depth about real life dating issues. We're answering questions like:

- What are the things that men THINK women like, but they don't?
- Do women like to be asked "What do YOU want to do?" on a date.
- What are the topics that men should never bring up on a date?
- Do women like older men?
- What amount of experience should a guy have?
- What should you answer if she asks "How many women have you been with?"
- Should you wear cologne?
- What do women think of beards?
- How many texts should you send

And more.



Check out Alexandra here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC22FKc2k2aH8VXTLy-LSAvA

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Chris Shepherd


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