March 28, 2017


Episode #8 - The Truth About Relationships

This Monday on Love Systems live, we shared the REAL TRUTH about relationships.



We went DEEP on the topic of relationships with guest instructor Dan Wildcard, and shifted the paradigm most people have about relationships.

Check out some of the highlights from last night's episode below:

Is it worth starting a relationship so you can gain dating experience? 22:45

How do you start a relationship? 27:40

Cajun explains his philosophy on relationships and labels 29:20

How many dates do people go on before becoming exclusive? 39:00

How to avoid a toxic relationship. 47:49


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For updates and to check out next week's episode CLICK HERE.


For a more in depth discussion on relationships check out the "Starting a Relationship on Solid Ground" audio interview in the Love Systems Interview Series

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Chris Shepherd
Chris Shepherd


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