May 09, 2015


Episode 7 - How To Develop Solid Beliefs And Core Inner Game

Chris Shepherd, one of Love Systems' most seasoned dating coaches, joins Hootie to talk about the unparalleled importance of inner game. Chris first explains what exactly inner game is, and more importantly, how to cultivate it so that you can develop the right mindset and core confidence to be the best version of yourself.


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Hootie LS
Hootie LS


2 Responses

Love Systems Admin
Love Systems Admin

January 14, 2016

Hi Jesse,

Thanks for the suggestion. That is definitely something that we will look to start including in our blog posts and podcasts.

Nick C.

Jesse Zhu
Jesse Zhu

January 11, 2016

This is merely a suggestion. I heard a few books or movies mentioned in the Podcast and was hoping to find them in the show notes here, but couldn’t. Would it be possible to post all the references in the podcast, such as books, movies, websites, names, quotes, etc in the show notes here so we can easily reference them? By the way, awesome podcast and rock solid contents. Loving them!! Thanks. Jesse

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