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Four Old-Fashioned Ways to Meet Women (That Actually Work) - Men's Fitness

Last week, Love Systems' Nick Savoy give us his Seven Dating Rules for the Digital Age. This week, we asked Savoy to cover the other side: old-fashioned rules for meeting and attracting women that still work today. Because sometimes you’re not online, or don’t have your phone, or there just happens to be a gorgeous woman walking by, and if you don’t have some “old school” game, you’re going to miss your chance.

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Inside a bootcamp, morning TV, and why The Don hates me

Senior Love Systems instructor The Don just got back from another successful bootcamp in Chicago. He had some interesting stories to share...
I was in Chicago when Savoy forwarded me a call from the top morning show there, asking questions about “what are you teaching Chicago men this weekend?”
I started to think about how to summarize 23 hours of bootcamp training into one phone call, when they said no, actually, they wanted me on the show at 6 AM Monday morning to do it live.

To be honest, I wasn't too happy about the idea of waking up at 6 AM to do... well, anything really.
Let me explain. Our bootcamps are three days and two nights. So, during the day Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, we are teaching all day. Teaching is rewarding, and doing it right isn’t easy. We have a curriculum that’s been refined over five years to follow, complete with personalized routines, practicing, fashion consultations, practicing, exercises, practicing, sharing advanced Love Systems techniques, and... more practicing.
Then, on Friday and Saturday night, we take the men out for 4-5 hours each night. Instructors have to be ready for anything. You pick up hot girls so the clients can see and hear exactly what you’re doing and why. You watch clients and tell them what they’re doing right and wrong. You help clients watch other instructors gaming and tell them exactly what they’re doing.
Then there’s all the behind-the-scenes work. We’re always comparing notes on the bootcamp clients and making sure we get everyone the right training for them specifically. We plan who works with whom, what we’re going to teach them, and so on.
So, Sunday night, when the bootcamp ends... that’s usually a pretty big night. It's kind of like happy hour for traveling vagabond pick up artists. Unless you have to get up in a few hours...
Now for the interview:
(It’s also on the Love Systems YouTube Channel.)

It went really well I think, but I'm not sure what we do lends itself to the simplistic sound bite culture of today.  In the interview we talked about Appearance, Approaching, Transitioning, and Attraction in 4 minutes.  I usually spend 4 hours on the first day of a bootcamp talking about these things, breaking down every nuance, and describing the wide range of options and tools we have in our arsenal. But, today everyone wants easy explanations and shortcuts like "How to Pick Up Chicks in 5 Easy Steps."  Love Systems is not that... It's the fastest and most direct route to success, but it takes work and thought and is not necessarily always "easy" in the beginning.

That's why bootcamps are great.  We don't gloss over anything.  We don't oversimplify.  One size does not fit all.  You need to figure out what type of things work best for you and sometimes that takes a process of experimentation.  There's a new process involved and a learning curve.  On a bootcamp you have the benefit of Love Systems instructors helping you so that you learn as quickly as possible, but there is always also the commitment and determination of the student to get better that's just as important an ingredient.

So, enjoy the clip and I'm sure most of you LSi readers who have been utilizing Love Systems techniques probably understand that changing your life and learning to be consistently successful with women takes some work in the beginning. Fortunately, that work can be a LOT of fun and once you have the skills, you have them for life and I can assure you that it's well worth the effort.

If you missed it, here’s the video link again: