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Promiscuous Males Evolved to Die Young | Globe and Mail

Women-hoarding Lotharios that roamed the earth tens or even hundreds of thousands of years ago may be the reason today’s men have a shorter lifespan than women according to new research.

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Savoy Interview at The Ranger

Savoy offers some tips in the "Romance Report" and gets feedback from women in college. The art of picking up women incorporates psychology and human behavior; no wonder so many men find it difficult. President of Love Systems, known by his stage name Savoy, and the author of “Magic Bullets,” said the art of seduction is too complicated to boil down to one simple concept, which is why his company teaches seminars.

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Emotional Progression Model

Overview of the Emotional Progression Model In This Chapter: Introduction Emotions and sexual behavior Emotional triggers A comprehensive model Insights Emotional Momentum INTRODUCTION You see an attractive woman at a restaurant. Or maybe you're introduced to her a.....

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What really happens on a 1-on-1?

We often debrief students after our programs or 1-1s - both so we can keep a record of where they are at and what their progress has been, and also as a free refresher that students can listen to later. We just uploaded the audio for a recent one-on-one student and decided to make about 30 minutes of it accessible to everyone.

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