June 15, 2017


Three unexpected benefits of The Social Rockstar Super Conference

Dating Training and Bootcamp
It wasn't anything more than blind faith that was telling me to commit a weekend of my life and thousands of my hard earned dollars to attend the Love System's Super Conference last August. But blind faith was enough. And I'm glad it was. Because (little did I know) this weekend would change my life for the better in almost every way imaginable.
Since "The Game" came out in 2007, I was aware of the "PUA" culture, but I always considered it out of the question to attend any type of seminar. 
But my life was at a point where going to a conference to learn how to meet women seemed both outlandish and necessary. Outlandish because I never saw myself as the type of guy to be in a seminar learning about talking to women. Necessary because something in my life needed to change. I didn’t like where I was at, and I liked the direction I was headed in even less.
So I went for it. I bought a ticket, booked a flight and that was that.
 It wasn't until I was in an Uber to the hotel that I started to get nervous. 
What am I doing here? A conference to meet women? What if the rest of my friends caught wind of this? How did I talk myself into this? But something told me this was a step towards what I wanted in my life.
I came into the weekend with no social life. Due in large part to a job that I hated because it was mundane and it sucked away all my energy and free time. So I came in to the weekend looking for more than dating advice. I needed life advice.
I got all that and more.
The actual conference was a whirlwind of late nights at the biggest clubs I've ever been to, followed by early mornings in the seminar room where we broke down what we did well and what we could do better next time.
Dating Training and Bootcamp
This taught me a lot about myself. But these three things stand out the most:
  1.  No matter how good you are with women, you can always get better.
  2.  Don’t be afraid of rejection.
  3. Figure out what you have to do to be the man you want to be. Then do it.
The biggest thing holding me back was my was fear of failure/rejection. Changing my mindset freed me from dwelling on the worst case scenario, and let me just go for it and see what happens.
This has a lot to do with ego.
The ego sees rejection as a failure. Where in reality it's a win because you pushed yourself outside of your comfort zone. Personally I had a big ole' Ego holding me back from accomplishing the things I wanted, both in dating and in life.
Realizing this was a big step forward.

Before that weekend in Vegas, I was miserable in my job, so the first day back at work I quit. And weight lifted off my shoulders. I came back realizing the importance of taking responsibility for my life. Super Conference helped me recognize the areas I wasn't happy with my life, which helped me take action and fix them.
Did I fail? Did I get rejected? Hell yeah! But now that I had developed the tools to deal with it, this was fun. 
This might seem like a lot of big shifts for one weekend. It is. But a big part of that is because it all went down in Vegas. Vegas gave me more experience in one weekend, than six months at home.
Every night out Vegas is the best night of the year in your hometown. In Vegas you don't have to wait until Friday/Saturday night to get a decent crowd at the bar. The hottest women you can imagine from all over the world are flying in around the clock to party and have a good time...

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When you take 1 big party city + 20 professional wingmen in the form of Love Systems instructors+ endless new information learned in seminars. You end up with...the BEST WEEKEND EVER.
It was like being a seven year old at Disneyland on Christmas Day. 
But after all the fun was over I couldn’t have predicted how much my life would change in the coming months. I was expecting to walk away from the weekend with a few routines/tricks I could use to get laid more (shallow I know), then be done with it. Instead, I learned how to improve the core aspects of my life which in turn make me a more attractive man.

I'm looking back almost a year later with a new lease on life. I can say that Attending Super Conference improved my success with women, sure. But more importantly, it made me a better person, a better friend, brother and son.
It sounds corny, but it started my life on an upward trajectory, allowing me to accomplish things I would have never thought possible.
And even after all that, I'm still thinking about the changes and improvements I'm going to see after this year's  2017 Social Rockstar Super Conference. I hope I can see you there!
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