May 03, 2017


Three Professional Photo Tips for Tinder

What's the most important aspect of your Tinder profile?

The picture.

Your pictures are the first thing any potential match is going to see, and in this short video,  Derek Cajun draws on his acting background to give you three tips that will make your profile pop.  
A lot of guys out there have weak pictures that don't pique a woman's interest. This is through no fault of their own. It's because of the advice that's available when it comes to photo tips for Tinder, is all very basic.

It's mostly stuff like:

“Dress nice!”

“Get a fresh haircut!”

"Make sure you wear clean clothes!”

And it’s not that this is bad advice, but it's something your mom would tell you before picture day in grade school...

To recap what my buddy Derek Cajun said in this video, here's three ways to make yourself stand out on Tinder that aren’t so obvious:

1. Work with what you've got.

Use a zoom lens to create a shallow depth of field which makes your features appear more attractive. Think of a woman scanning through dozens if not hundreds of profile pictures. She's not going to stop and take a second look at your profile unless you stand out, and this is going to do that for you.

2. Avoid the common mistakes other guys make

Don't use pictures that look like you're hitting on women, using photos where you are the center of attention and women are hitting on you will make a huge difference. 

And finally...

3. Don't be boring. 

Avoid using multiple photos that display the same thing. Instead, use your photos to tell a story about yourself and the life you lead. This doesn't mean you have to have some crazy lifestyle, be ultra rich, or super good looking. But it does mean you should be yourself and show the best parts of your personality.

That’s it.
Using all of these together will make a big difference, and help separate you from the sea of other dudes out there.  If you can incorporate these three photo tips for Tinder into your profile you’re gonna kill it.

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—Derek Cajun

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