August 30, 2018


The ridiculously awesome week

So the last week before Burning Man was ridiculous.

It started with me going out with good friend Brad P. He was on a pseudo-date with a stripper girl but told me she was bringing a friend and they were all going to this dive bar. I like dive bars. So I hoped in a cab (car broken…again) got a drink, saw Brad, started to walk toward him and….

…noticed a cute, busty, blonde girl with beautiful skin. If we’re still rating women’s looks from 1-10, I’d say she was an 8 or 8.5. She was also by herself. Don’t believe that shit about never approaching women by themselves. I do it all the time, and it works just fine. Just be aware that she probably does have friends there and be prepared for that.

I’m not going to do a whole field report of meeting her, but within five minutes my “kino slide” had her arm around me and fifteen minutes she was on my lap…while we were talking to her friend. Her (female) friend LOVED me by the way…that’s so important. I do so much work on the friends, and as you’ll see it was crucial in this case. I usually try to flatter single female friends and talk about a (mythical) guy I want to introduce her to and how perfect he’d be for her. Now I have value to her. Later I met her guy friend, who was hitting on some other girl. I swooped in to tell the girl how awesome he was…not that it was necessarily going to work (it didn’t) but it got him on my side too. Anyway…

Within 90 minutes, I said “let’s go take a walk”. I let her by the hand, to the alley behind the bar and tried to gently push down on her shoulders. She resisted.

Me: You know what I want
Her: I want you to say it
Me: I want you to go down on me

…and she did

Later I brought her back to the bar, and she left with her friends after giving me directions on how to follow her to her friend’s house. But by this point I still hadn’t even said hi to Brad’s friends, so I wandered over there, right as the lights came on. Damn 2am LA fuck. So the four of us walked to Brad’s car. I decided, what the hell, and grabbed the Brad’s girl’s friend’s hand. She kind of looked at me and said it was weird we were holding hands when we’d only known each other for a minute (not to mention that I was getting blown about a half hour before). I agreed that it was weird. I didn’t release her hand. Brad was going home with his girl (and her friend) and I wanted seconds on my BJ girl, so I left them but asked Brad to get this girl’s number for me. This saved me the value loss of asking for it myself. Brad’s texted it to me an hour later, which allowed me to start text game the next day.

I love text game and am good at it. We went out a few days later. Total sexual resistance on her part, including one story about one of her friends giving a BJ behind the bar that she seemed to think was not very classy or cool. I didn’t know if it was a coded message to me, so I ignored it. Anyway, got her home, insurmountable resistance, so we just went to sleep. The trick here is not to sulk. NEVER sulk when a girl doesn’t give you what you want physically. The next morning I wake up to her playing with my dick and asking whether she had to beg me to fuck her. Of course she did. I like it when women beg. she’d never have done that if she sensed I was upset that she didn’t play the night before.

But what made that week truly awesome was last Thursday, when a very interesting new friend of mine from Florida was in town. He was in town and after a highly eye-opening dinner (and the toast to the beginning of a beautiful friendship) he wanted to hit this “A-list” party at Cabana Club he’d seen people going into. Well, there are no A list parties at Cabana anymore. It’s ghetto. It’s appalling. But we walked there anyway and sure enough, there were hot women on their way in. He talked our way in (he’s great at that) and lo and behold, it’s a genuine hot special event party.

Even Ladanian Tomlinson gets stuffed at the line, and while I’m not comparing myself to LT, my first couple approaches were not on. I wasn’t dressed to go out, I wasn’t high-energy, I was afflicted with “I don’t feel like it” game. So after two 10-minute “sets to nowhere”, I was like, fuck, before I go home, I’m going to run one set well. So while killing time with a 6, I see two of the most disgustingly, offensively, ridiculously beautiful women ever.

Truly offensively beautiful. Even in my fantasy world, women don’t look like this. Twins no less. Blonde of course. Beautiful breasts. Flawless skin and hair. Totally done up.

For the first time in a year, I had approach anxiety. Not the usual laziness of not feeling like it, but the actual nervousness. These girls were the hottest women there, everyone was checking them out, and they…well they deserved it. You don’t get much more perfect.

A shot of Jack later, I’m on my way in. And…getting no attraction signals. Nothing I was doing. Humor, storytelling, teasing, touching, jealousy, even systematically going through the eight attraction value triggers one by one. But they didn’t leave or dismiss me. So there was some passive interest at least. Anything less hot than these women, and I would have wandered off.

I was arbitrarily focused on one of the twins, even though she said she had a boyfriend. I was getting slightly better responses to touching from her than I did from her sister.

and then, at about the 30 minute mark, it all turned. It wasn’t anythign specific I did, but I remember it clearly…I was telling some story, and did the usual slide kino to see if she’d be any more responsive than 5 minutes before to curling up into me. And she was. I nearly dropped my drink. Touching/kino resistance just died.

At that point, it’s all logistics. I live around the corner, so that’s easy, but I wasn’t going to be able to get rid of the other twin (and, this not being a fantasy, I wasn’t going to get a threesome with two twins). So the alternatives are:

1) Find an instant wingman for the sister (hard, because these girls were the hottest girls there, so most guys would have been beta to them)
2) Bring a LOT of people home for an after party, and then disappear with her into the bedroom
3) Hope the sister will sit in the living room while I bang her twin

I generally have the best luck with #1, but #2 was so easily available this time..the 6 I was chatting with before circled around with friends, offering to bring vodka and ice to my place with a bunch of her (mixed) friends. Perfect, and it made moving the twins home much easier. Though it made an outstanding mess in my apartment.

The night went until 7:30am. Most stunning women aren’t great in bed. She was.

And the boyfriend was totally made up. She only said it because thought I was with the 6. Not that that makes any sense.

It’s interesting how there’s a sexual/confidence vibe that gets created during good runs. On Friday afternoon I sat at my favorite bookstore to do some work on my laptop. This girl comes and sits next to me and starts talking to me. Her body language was so into me. All I had was my vibe. But…she was only cute, not hot, I was exhuasted and I had a ton of work to do. So I blew her off.

So that’s why I took it a bit easier at Burning Man…. :)

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