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How Broke Guys Get Girls Pt. 2

The most important thing to realize is that you can control much of what you need to in order to become an attractive man. Your confidence can be built over a long period of successful interactions or through introspection of your previous accomplishments. Your sense of humor can be developed through practice. Fashion sense can be studied and cultivated. You can talk to everyone by choice. You do not need to be rich in order to do any of these things.

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How Broke Guys Get Girls Pt. 1

What do you think attracts women? What do most people think of when they think about the type of man that attracts women? Is he rich? Handsome? Famous? Then ask yourself, “How often do I see a man who is the opposite of all three of these superficial characteristics get the girl?”

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Should you Text or Call her?

Some people think the answer is simple, but it's really not. It depends on the situation, how you met her, how attracted she is to you, how close you are to making plans, and so on.

Love Systems instructor Dan Wildcard was voted the #1 Dating Coach in the world in 2015. He recently responded to question in The Love Systems' Lounge about phone vs. text with this 4-minute audio clip. Normally Lounge stuff is strictly confidential, but Dan agreed to make a "public version" of his response to share with you. (If you get the chance, thank him for this).

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Overcoming Anxiety

These common problems plague many guys looking to improve their love lives and these issue also bleed into other areas of their lives as well. We’ve all envied the guy who seems to go through life doing his own thing, not allowing outside influences affect him. This is the type of guy who takes charge of his own life and circumstances.

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The Four Key Emotions

What we've discovered is that before a woman says "yes" - she wants to feel four specific emotions...

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Top 10 list of Signs She’s Interested in You That Men Sometimes Ignore

  1. The conversation is over 10 minutes and she doesn’t seem to be looking for a way out.  

  2. Her friends ask if she wants to go to bathroom / get a drink/ go dance and she says no.

  3. She stays with you when all of her friends leave or go home

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Older Men Younger Women

Do you worry that you have to “settle” for less attractive or less interesting women when you get older? There’s a reason some older men feel this way. I’m not going to pretend that attracting beautiful women is the same if you’re 21 or 61. SOME women just won’t date an older man. Some women won’t date outside their religion or ethnicity. That’s life. BUT…

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Intermediate Sticking Points

A shortish red-headed guy with the nickname "Keychain" is one of the world’s top dating coaches and pick up artists.

In a worldwide poll, he was voted #5 in the world (his second top-5 rating in a row) based on his overall skill with women and ability to teach and explain concepts in a way that makes lasting change. In fact, if you look at the magazine and newspapers articles in the media section, you’ll learn a lot of stuff about Keychain… particularly where journalists follow him around and watch him pick up women.

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Picking Up Women - Get the Girl!

Some guys get a few of these for specific “sticking points” or things they want to learn. Like loading a program in The Matrix. Though the most common one is just to subscribe to the interview series – you get each interview at over 40% off and with special bonuses. Click this link to learn more.

Some of these tips will be from the interviews, some won’t. Enjoy!

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Seduce Her - Get the Girl

The more we feed you with tips on rapid escalation, teasing, role plays, seduction, friends with benefits, direct game, handling tests, and turning things sexual, the more mail comes in asking for more, more, more. I got one of our rapid escalation and one night stand experts (who goes by the name "Dahunter") to talk about one of the most powerful techniques we use and teach on our bootcamps – called sexual hoops.

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