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Q and A with Savoy | Brink Magazine

Savoy is the author of Magic Bullets, a comprehensive E-Book manual for anybody aspiring to be a great seducer of women or even for men wanting to pair up with the type of woman they really fancy. He's one of the Master Pickup Artists mentioned in Neil Strauss's book The Game*. Savoy has studied under and worked with many of the other 'masters' Strauss mentions and he seems to have demystified the whole process of attracting women. We tracked him down in LA and managed to squeeze this comprehensive interview out of him.

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Savoy and The Don on the Dr. Phil Show

Savoy and The Don show footage of a real bootcamp and discuss their techniques with Dr. Phil.

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Savoy and Sinn on Fox News

Savoy and Sinn go behind-the scenes on a real bootcamp to show how Love Systems teaches men to be successful with women.

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NY Post Investigates Love Systems

Sarah was tall, brunette and beautiful in a blue, skintight dress. After chatting with her for 15 minutes at The Spotted Pig in the West Village, it was time to move in for the digits.

"You should give me your number," I said as a statement instead of a request, just as they taught me at Love Systems boot camp for would-be pickup artists.

"Why don't you just give me your e-mail address?" she replied.

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The Art of Seduction | DXL Magazine

Nightclubs are perfectly constructed for the act of attracting the opposite sex. For the pick up artist, a night club is his playground. A pick up artist can navigate a nightclub with ease; playing the field as if it was an open book exam. Yet for the average Joe, even those with some ‘natural game,’ nightclubs can be an infinitely confusing experience. With expectations set high, most men expect to nonchalantly stroll into a club, get a couple phone numbers, and eventually have sex with one of the many women they meet. Unfortunately most guys never seem to meet their expectations.

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WWWT Radio Interview with Savoy

Listen as Savoy breaks down the basics on the Burd & Doyle in the Morning radio show.

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Savoy National CBS Interview

Savoy dishes out advice to a radio personality on CBS.

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Savoy Interviewed on Pickup Podcast

Savoy teaches the guys at Pickup Podcast about relationships and relationship management

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Promiscuous Males Evolved to Die Young | Globe and Mail

Women-hoarding Lotharios that roamed the earth tens or even hundreds of thousands of years ago may be the reason today’s men have a shorter lifespan than women according to new research.

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Savoy Interview at The Ranger

Savoy offers some tips in the "Romance Report" and gets feedback from women in college. The art of picking up women incorporates psychology and human behavior; no wonder so many men find it difficult. President of Love Systems, known by his stage name Savoy, and the author of “Magic Bullets,” said the art of seduction is too complicated to boil down to one simple concept, which is why his company teaches seminars.

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