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Hootie Talks Body Language with Simple Pickup's Bijan

Simple B (Bijan) of Simple Pickup brought Hootie in to talk about his new book, Body Talk: The Definitive Guide on Body Language for Men, as well as other aspects of body language that men may be overlooking when attracting women.

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[In my best Jesse Pinkman voice]: "Yeah! Science!"

One of the women I'm hooking up with once told me that she's never seen the TV show Breaking Bad. Obviously that's insane - it's one of the best TV shows ever - so we've been fixing this problem.

Last night we got to the episode where the two main characters pull off a pretty amazing theft, based on their knowledge and use of technology. In celebration, one of the characters screams "Yeah! Science!"

That's kind of how I feel every time social scientists examine what goes into Love Systems - and if you understand the science behind why Love Systems works, you'll be able to get even better results!

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Keeping her engaged and building attraction

These are the things you need to do to make sure she stays ENGAGED and BUILD ATTRACTION:

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January 2015 in Love Systems

I've published a bunch of new articles to the Love Systems dating advice repository. Check them out! SAVE THE DATE! New SuperConference dates for 2015: August 21-23rd in Las Vegas. Details to come. There's a new Attraction Forums twitter account so you can stay up to date on the best developme.....

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Inner Game - The Key to Success

Inner game is probably one of the most popular subjects in dating science. It's a major sticking point for nearly everyone who has trouble talking to women and it's a problem that can be difficult to fix as well, since it tends to be rooted in a lifetime's worth of negative beliefs that are based on things like fear and rejection.

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Getting Her Phone Number: The Do's and Don'ts

After hitting it off with a woman you've met at the bar, you ask for her phone number. She gives it to you and you go back to your friends for a hero's welcome. Sounds good, right? Well... yes and no. The good news is that you got her phone number so there's a chance to see her again and maybe things will work out.

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The Four Key Emotions

What we've discovered is that before a woman says "yes" - she wants to feel four specific emotions...

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Meeting Women Online

I asked Derek Cajun, a star Love Systems instructor, to take a year off and do field research. I chose Cajun because he’s one of the best Love Systems instructors, but he isn’t an especially good looking guy. You might know him from as the winner to “Keys to the VIP”, a TV show that follows men in .....

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December 2014 in Love Systems

Two new changes to these monthly "This Month in Love Systems" emails: You'll see some top threads from The Attraction Forums, including instructor posts, listed under "Best articles and videos" below. I've gotten your thousands of emails! Sold out programs will not be listed under upcoming progr.....

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Why my top client NEVER goes to bars or clubs anymore

When Nathan came to a Love Systems bootcamp last year, he didn't have a lot of experience with women. Former military, good guy; he wanted more option.....

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