October 11, 2018


Social Circle Insight #1: The inherited power of the proper introduction

Lately I have been doing alot of social circle game. I like to work on my game in chunks. Before this I worked on stripper game (you can read my stripper game articles here: Fader - The Attraction Forums - Free Pickup and Dating Advice). I want to start this post off by saying I have NOT sat in on the social circle master seminar (though I have heard great things about it!) so I have no clue if what i am about write overlaps or not.

The way I learn things is through actual real world experience. I go out, I have experiences and some part of me pickups (no pun intended) that something unique just happened and from there I try to reverse engineer it.

A friend of mine lives a ridiculous lifestyle. He is the partner of a wall street firm, a super natural, and is constantly hanging out with retardedly hot club girls. We go out one night to a happy hour his friend is bartending at. I am a little tipsy and as we walk in there is what I would consider a bonafide 10 there. I still, to this day, do not believe she doesnt work in the sex industry. Blonde girl, 5 3 in shape with implants, a pretty face, dressed sexy who apparently is the alpha female of her group. So we walk in and of course I check her out (mistake #1), she busts me even though it wasnt blatant (more about that in another article this girl was playing playa's game). So from there on in she is cold to me for a time period. Then as she saw me mingling with the right people (this is a peer group where the alpha males and two of the leaders are like my brothers, I just have been absent from the peer group for the last few years while I learned pickup), her attitude begins to change. She starts giving me ioi's. Hm I thought what happened.

Here is what happened, the girl does not have enough time to size me up so she is going to do it very quickly, my checking her out lost me value but as she watched the alpha's of the group hug me, high five me, have a great time with me and buy me drinks she began to realize I must have value. Finally the clutch move was when the alpha male of the group introduced me as one of his best friends. Right there you could totally see the ice crack. 

The lesson to learn from this is you want to get introduced to the girl (or people) by the person who has the highest value that you have juice (rapport) with. Also you want to make sure every interaction with them stands out (more about this in another article). Think about that the next time you are in your social circle. Who would you rather introduce you to a super hot girl, some nobody, yourself or the guy who fucked 3 of her best friends.

Watch for more social circle insights. I have a few more coming.

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